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Big Sur 11.3 beta fail on Zenith II extreme

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in windows you have to add aproper driver for titan ridge

you can patch your Titan Ridge, but it is not simple

A patched card will work on OSX but it wont work anymore in windows


to pach

follow link i have posted before in this thread

you need some stuff (eprom programmer)


Gigabyte Titan Ridge on Proxmox/OSX baremetal (WIP) - General - MacOS86

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No (in my knowledge)


also Trx 40 designare board needs a patched firmware for OSX.

This motherboard has a firmware wich support Titan RIdge by default and you see with it thunderbolt menu on bios..

but without a patched firmware ..no joy in OSX


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Thanks for your help appreciated .

you mean my trx40 bios need patch ? I can try that if possible how can I do that?.

I ordered Gigabyte GC-Titan Ridge Card and the programmer but according to ameyrupji Catalina 10.15.3 latest supported I'm afraid.

and the GC-Titan Ridge must be on PCIe slut 1 can't be on slut 3/4 for reasons .

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