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TRX40 Proxmox /OSX vs Vanilla Patches method!

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Proxmox / OSX



  • Stability
  • No need of any kernel patches to boot OSX
  • All apps are working well without any need of patching (Adobe suite, many audio plugin, all stuff intel based)
  • Pretty same performances in both CPU/GPU benchmarks vs vanilla patches method
  • you can install and do all by yourself..without waiting from others to discover new kernel patches


  • The need of a linux system
  • PCIE passthrough success dependant of many factors 
  • For AMD GPU reset bug
  • Audio problems (in some situations)


Vanilla Patches method



  • All AMD users use this method from the start
  • Stability
  • less learning curve process to setup
  • a "patches & play" system 🙂


  • no availability of a clear method to find kernel patches by yourself, and, if no maintainer available..no JOY 😉 
  • Kernel Patches could change and if you like to update often your rig...could be a problem
  • No support from boot loader Devs for AMD system
  • A lack of support for old OSX as High Sierra 🙂 
  • Some App have to be patched and some time a bit of functionality could be lost

I have created this thread because many unexperienced users ask in private or DM about this
If you want to share your experiences to help people from your point of view you are welcomed as always😉

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As a secondary con for Vanilla method I have poor 3d performance in OpenGL / Metal games, just like every AMD non trx40 user. Here is the open thread for the developers to help us: https://github.com/AMD-OSX/bugtracker/issues/5


We hope that zen3 architecture will work completely well in 3d without the fix pat patch just like trx40 zen2 cpus, because nobody is willing to solve this problem from ages. 

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