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  1. Here is the updated AMD OS X Vanilla Guide. Enjoy https://vanilla.amd-osx.com/ Thanks, Shaneee
  2. Shaneee

    Catalina AMD

    Some more information here and mask patches for OpenCore and Clover r5095, https://amd-osx.com/2019/10/10/macos-catalina-is-on-amd/
  3. Shaneee

    Catalina AMD

    Slice as updated Clover with Mask Patching so Clover can now use the OpenCore mask patches to survive updates.
  4. Shaneee

    Catalina AMD

    You still need kernel patches for Catalina it's just they are formatted different with OpenCore and survive updates. Clover is now also supported, https://github.com/AMD-OSX/AMD_Vanilla">https://github.com/AMD-OSX/AMD_Vanilla
  5. Shaneee

    Catalina AMD

    Catalina is on AMD.https://discord.gg/gU7wr9u Currently only supported with OpenCore. View pinned messages in the opencore_support Channel in Discord.
  6. Shaneee


    In what sense? I use PS and it runs fine. I also keep it updated.
  7. Shaneee


    System Specs: CPU:- Ryzen 5 3600 Motherboard:- MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus RAM:- 16GB Corsair Vengeance LED 3200MHz GPU:- ASUS Strix ROG RX 560 OC 4GB Boot Drive:- Samsung 960 EVO Bootloader:- OpenCore
  8. AMD Support officially added to OpenCore. I've attached an example config for 10.14.5 Zen. config.plist.zip
  9. Not just me there. Algrey and notiflux. Algrey made initial changes and notiflux got it to actually boot. Tested on my Ryzen machine with a custom patched kernel from 10.13.6. Patches will be ported into a kernel patch for OC soon. Non solo io, lì. Algrey e notiflux. Algrey ha apportato le modifiche iniziali e non è riuscito a farlo avviare. Testato sulla mia macchina Ryzen con un kernel con patch personalizzato da 10.13.6. Le patch verranno presto trasferite su una patch del kernel per OC.
  10. Hopefully OC will soon run on AMD too. [code]00:000 00:000 OC: OpenCore is now loading (Vault: 1/0, Sign 1/0)... 00:051 00:051 OC: Boot timestamp: - 2019.05.27 20:24:53 00:102 00:051 Found AMD Ryzen 5 2400G with Radeon Vega Graphics 00:154 00:051 Signature 10 Stepping 0 Model 11 Family F Type 0 ExtModel 1 ExtFamily 8 00:205 00:050 Detected Apple Processor Type: 00 -> 0605 00:258 00:053 Ratio Min 0 Max 0 Current 0 Turbo 0 0 0 0 00:307 00:049 Zen is called 00:355 00:047 TSC Frequency 3593855160 3593MHz 00:403 00:047 CPU Frequency 3593855160 3593MHz 00:451 00:047 FSB Frequency 100000000 100MHz [/code]
  11. Patches have been updated on the Repo to include beta 16h and 15h (FX) support. Le patch sono state aggiornate sul Repo per includere il supporto beta 16h e 15h (FX).
  12. A member may be looking into FX patches. Feel free to join the Discord and ask about it, https://discord.gg/EfCYAJW">https://discord.gg/EfCYAJW
  13. Someone is going to be looking into older CPUs for this patch. Currently it only has TSC and cache values for 17h family.
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