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  1. Ricconeeee... ma almeno in single core ti batto mwahahahahah
  2. Nothing useful in this report sadly, can you send me the specific audio plugin? Is it part of waves?
  3. Liquify example Adaptive Wide Angle example Pugetbench results Object selection works, Neural filters work, Camera Raw works, Deepfont works, Pugetbench works... patching only the needed original libraries/plugins to make Photoshop think that it works on a genuine Intel CPU... no libfakeintel, no environmental variables involved. Just replace libmkl_core.dylib into: /Applications/Adobe Photoshop2021/Adobe Photoshop 2021.app/Contents/Frameworks and "Adaptive Wide Angle" i
  4. All you need is put the attached patched lib in: ~/Library/Application Support/discord/0.0.264/modules/discord_krisp Everything works without environmental variables or libfakeintel discord_krisp.node.zip
  5. Sulla signature c'è scritto quanto detto da Carlo, e quindi sarebbe supportata. Ma se si è upgradato la cpu gli serve per forza una discreta
  6. 4 GHz for all the 64 cores is an absolute monster 😉 Don't mind about Matlab benchmarks! Your system rocks
  7. I meant Instructions Per Cycle, proportional to Single Core performance (proportional to CPU Clock Frequency), which is not the best both on the 3990x and on the 3970x... you should try to enable PBO if possible just to run this test to see if your results are similar to those of Fabiosun.
  8. If you have a resized resolution for HiDpi disable it for better 2D/3D plot results. Matlab in macOS is very IPC dependent.
  9. Aggiorni Proxmox, adegui qualcosa se c'è qualcosa da adeguare, ma comunque non devi mai rifare le macchine virtuali
  10. ...scommetto che un kernel patchato sbucherà in 3... 2... 1...
  11. Saremmo in due ad autobannarci... questo è comportamento scorretto: non è che se la cpu non supportata è figlia di un Dio minore (AMD) non viene dato supporto ufficiale e quando magicamente spunta qualcosa da Intel... puff! Ragazzi si supporta... per questo ho chiesto i benchmark io, se comunque devi avere la metà dei cores disponibili e uno scheduler non all'altezza io andrei su AMD che ormai è solido come una roccia... puah
  12. Qualche bench in queste condizioni minorate?
  13. Waves needs minor patching to make it work with bare metal AMD cpus in macOS, I'll post the patches as soon as possible.
  14. I'll post its patched files in another thread Trial with email and password
  15. This is easy: install normally the program then you only need to replace libtbb.dylib and libtbbmalloc.dylib in Applications/Autodesk/Maya2022/Maya.app/Contents/MacOS with the two patched versions attached here. I provide a simple room scene to do some benchmarking and test the full functionality of the application: just render it with Arnold at 1920x1080 resolution and take your time, mine is 5 min and 35 sec. Note: I'm not using the brew versions of those libraries, just the original versions provided with this specific version of Maya but patched using the correct in
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