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  1. Oh i see. Can you possibly point me in the right direction for getting my macos to boot with my amd gpu, rx570 and my 6700xt. I tried your settings and followed your guide and it I get a proxmox uefi boot to opencore 0.7.4 but i can't get it working with clover or update it or boot past apple logo with the loading bar underneath
  2. Thanks I'll do that. So when you say bare metal are you referring to booting direct into macOs from your bios to macos bootloader?
  3. Hi all I'm new to proxmox and I'm trying to have an all in one setup for my church using Mac OS, Windows and Linux. I've learned that from previous proxmox builds there were no need to bind pcie or blacklist drivers again depending on the build and I've read many of the threads here already still have not found a working solution for my needs. Problem: I cant get gpu passthrough to work properly on proxmox ve 7.1-7 running kernel 5.13.19-4. I've also tried 7.0 currently about to install 6.2. When I pass the gpu I want to use bound to vfio driver in 7.1-7 and 7.0( in windows 11 it gets to
  4. Hi can i get some extra help with my setup do this work with proxmox 7.1
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