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  1. After Effects 22.1.2 ?? Last is 22.1.1, and it Pr work for me but not Ae 22.1.1 😞
  2. Ok I download missing component and IT WORK!!! Thank you! Can't we help me for After Effect ?
  3. Oh thank you! Can you give me an exemple for the Codesign error please ? I don't found the good syntax of the line command
  4. I have forget the version number I using Pr -> 2022 : V22.0 Pr -> 2021 : V15.4.1 Ae -> 2022 : V22.0.1 Ae -> 2021 : V18.4.1 And for Ps 2022 : V23.0.2 Does the patch 22.5.1 work for higher versions? Or do I have to downgrade to the lower version?
  5. I have the problem of liquid in photoshop, but I do not use this software often so it is not my priority. I use Pr and Ae, in version 2022 or 2021 (I don't crack software :) ) I have crashing some effects like Warp Stabilizer, Tracker Camera, Morph cut I put here the various logs and crash screenshots that I had.
  6. I would like to help you in your quest to solve the problems but i am not good enough in computer science 😞 Maybe I can you send my crash log ?
  7. @TReXintosh humm, I undersand what to do, but I don't quite understand how to do it, everything is mixed up in the thread 😕
  8. I have been doing this message for many days since I have been on this problem, and after searching through internet I have not found any solutions yet. So, I recently changed bluid, for this: B550 Vision D Ryzen 9 5900x 12-Core Radeon RX 6800XT 16GB NVMe WD_BLACK SN850 500 GB Crucial Ballistix 3200 MHz, DDR4 2x 32GB macOS Big Sur 11.6.1 (iMac Pro 2017) Since then I have hardly encountered any problems, expect in Premiere Pro and in After Effects, warp stabilizer and Tracker camera don't work, when I drag it on footage, Pr craching imedialely and Ae st
  9. Hi, I am a French editor, I have been working on hackintosh for 6 years, and I hope to find answers and share some on this forum 🙂
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