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  1. Then I will use the config.plist given by you with confidence..
  2. This EFI r 100% install macOS Monterey 12.0.1 download Image files by Olarila.com Sir can keep in your collection. I give it to you because you want to help me. So if necessary, you can for the cooperation of others who have problems with the PC Configuration Thank U sir EFI 01.zip
  3. Sir I posted my used config.plist to see you. I've used it. i have matched mine with the config.plist given by you. The ones you gave false are True to my list. Please check and confirm once sir.... config.plist.zip
  4. Hello sir My Problem is now solved. install macOS Monterey 12.1 ok. but some problem finding i use 2 monitor 1 monitor ok 2nd monitor not plugin this mother board wifi device is building but wifi is not work with mouse work slow how to solved this problem........?? i use this EFI EFI.zip
  5. Ok & thank u sir for u r suggestion.....ill try ur last giving EFI...
  6. yeh but how can i create..?? don't knows this prosses . sir any tutorial..?? how to make "apple" method..???
  7. Stopping here, waiting for 20 minutes each time. Is it really possible to solve my problem..?? macOS Monterey Image file Olarila site i collected. can I have an image file problem..?? But is this same file I am using B450 by hackingtosh a pc
  8. sir the problem is the same as your thought when i changed another graphics card. So far i have never seen such a problem with 20 PC hackintosh. Can you create a new EFI for give my cooperation...?
  9. sir i use this config.pilst but now this progress that is. what can i do now...??? And my GPU RX6600
  10. I may not be able to explain to you.. with the EFI that i have posted, i am hackintosh another AMD processor and the is in the Monterey release version. There was no problem with the other PC, But this is being configured. if possible, give me an EFI to solve this so that i can do hackintosh. Gigabyte = B550 AMD Ryzen 9 5900x 12 Core Graphic = AMD Redeon RX6600 Ram=32gb 3200MHz SSD=512 M.2 under posted EFI i used another PC and make successfully make Hackintosh EFI.OpenCore.Desktop.Bulldozer.Jaguar.Ryzen.Threadripper.rar sir
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