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  1. Hi, I was using from several months an external (temporary removed from the Imac) 3.5 2TSATA disk, attached using Jmicron controller on an USB 3.0, got using a belink converter from Thunderbot, a true chain cìof conversion 😉 , but evenrythnig was fine, it is some days I cannote see the disk anymore, both using another disk, nothing, and also connecting it to another MAC, I suppose it is not a matter of hardware failure, my suspect is extensions' issue, in fact: kmutil check: Could not find com.apple.AppleUserHIDDrivers Could not find com.apple.DriverKit-AppleUSBPLCO
  2. Hi, I'm new here, I own a macbook 2018 13" and a wonderful Imac 2011 with Xeon CPU and NVDIA K2100M, working like a new one
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