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  1. there you go buddy.. hope it helps someone else Edit: System description Motherboard: GIGABYTE TRX40 AORUS PRO WIFI (rev. 1.0) Bios F.4o optimised values loaded (Uefi,IOMMU Off,4g off, CSM off, WOL off, XMP profile ON memory working at 3600 Mhz) CPU: 3960X Memory: DDR4 64GB G.Skill 3600 Mhz 4x16GB Working OSX: Catalina Slot 1 Radeon 5700XT 1 Samsung 970 pro NVME 1 Tb (Windows) 1 WD Green SSD 500 GB (Catalina) 1 WD Green SSD 500 GB (Ubuntu)
  2. hello, wanted to ask you if you want me to post my files as I have a 100% working system with a Gigabyte TRX40 AORUS PRO WIFI (rev. 1.0) and a radeon 5700XT, the EFI configuration is perfect, just generate a new SMBIOS and will run full installation no issue and has opencanopy graphical interface.. everything running on OC 0.6.6
  3. guys, this is not related to any issue but instead about OC, im trying to enable the GUI to select by icons ETC make it pretty and followed dortanias guide step by step.. no matter what the GUI wont load.. only the lame small white text upper left corner.. any ideas? Edit: answered my own question, in the dortanias guide it says to set PickerMode to options from Modern, Default, Old or Auto, I went with Modern and nothing, now changed to Auto and is working.
  4. ok now that worked perfectly... got a 100% functional system now.. gotta love you all guys 🥰
  5. hello, well I changed to OC debug and finally got the logs, changed accordingly my mmiowhitelist following all the procedures and kind of worked.. reboot does reboot but shut down also reboot.. any ideas?
  6. Im on a relase version, ok ill reboot with the changes and if i got no log, then Ill change to a debug version
  7. I did 65 from iGpu post as shown in the picture... and changed to 67 as you said and still cant get the log 😞 ok, gonna remove them, those are from default OC
  8. I am happy to inform that the memory problem got solved by changing the SMBIOS, but unfortunately I am not able to generate the proper oc_debub.txt with the mmio values i need to fix the MAJOR issue that is not being able to restart or shutdown properly.. also attaching the current file i got and the config.plist part of the debug Edit: i think that the txt file got corrupted, deleted it and uploaded a image of it.
  9. Hello, I got my GIGABYTE TRX40 AORUS PRO WIFI and threadripper 3960X with radeon 5700XT working perfeclty but I can't reboot or shutdown unless I hard press the power button for several seconds.. been reading and can't find anything related, I followed dortanias guide step by step for trx40 and generated SSDT this way step 1-Dump DSDTstep 2-FakeECstep 3-USB Resettook only:SSDT-EC.amlSSDT-USB-Reset.aml to the ACPI folder .. I don't know how else to solve the issue. another issue is I have 4x 16GB memory modules and the SMBIOS generated was m
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