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  1. Hi @fabiosun, Thanks for the note, I just opened the thread wanting to post that I successfully installed Big Sur and it's working but as you said 6800XT have no acceleration 😞 I will keep this installation until something comes up for those GPU's. Thanks a lot for the help.
  2. Hi Guys, I appreciate the help @fabiosun and @cleverhome , and sorry for not replying I was busy rebuilding my system and with upgrade to RX 6800XT GPU, I'm now in the process of starting from scratch with building a new installer with the EFI files that @fabiosunshared and I will report back in case of any issues or if I was able to install it successfully. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks you @fabiosun I appreciate the help, I'm going to follow what you suggested and start from scratch with creating a new USB Installer, the issue sometimes requires a working MacOS to download the installer or you should have a MacBook which I don't currently have. the MMIO they are not mine it's what came with the files you guys shared is this Thread, I'm going to check that as well but since @cleverhome has the same MotherBoard I thought this might work.
  4. Hi @fabiosun Thanks a lot for helping, I followed the guide here https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/AMD/zen.html to create the Boot USB, I do have 2 USB's one it 8GB which is for online Installation and the other one is 32GB this has a full Big Sur Installer, I'm also using OpenCore v0.6.6 and have the EFI directory that was shared by @cleverhome here in this thread. the bios settings I have is what is recommended in that same Guide from the OpenCore, I'm using XMP Profile and OCing the CPU, but I did also try with default bios Set
  5. Hi Guys, I came here seeking help, while I have the exact same sepc's as @cleverhome and I'm able to boot with the recovery USB, but when I try to start the installation on one of my Nvme disks the installer just closes right after selecting the destination disk, no errors or anything is reported just the installer closes and goes back to the main menu, and this happens with both Big Sur and Catalina. I would be very grateful if anyone faced the same issue to share how they fixed it.
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