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  1. Ok did all that but now i am realizing that the system will not boot from cold boot, instead goes to bios safe mode. I have to reset cmos in order to boot again. do you have any idea why this might be happening? thanks.
  2. I am getting this text in my EFI-Folders folder and I really do not understand what it means. it seems to be some type of error. can you please help me. Thanks.opencore-2020-11-20-161221.txt.zip EFI.zip
  3. It shows thunderbolt but my UAD Apollo is not connecting. (thunderbolt is turned on in bios with security Slo- 0 No security.
  4. ok so i cleaned up my efi and now everything shows ok on OC sanity checker website. but my PCI info is a mess in about this mac system report. How to i fix this? i kinda have an idea it has to do with SSDT, but which ones?thanks.
  5. didn't work either. do you think and amd system is better? can you advise me I am thinking a thread ripper System thanks.
  6. this is what i found in the efi.file attached.opencore-2020-11-19-064033.txt.zip
  7. here are the screen shot of bios20111201118184309.BMP201118184243.BMP201118184218.BMP8184106.BMP
  8. can't boot with this efi no matter what boy settings i used. it gets to the picker then shuts down. thanks.
  9. Thanks for your response. I am using bios version f3c on gigabyte x299x aorus master CSM disable other OS, XMP profile 1, VTD disable , above 4G enabled.Thanks.
  10. I managaed to get an efi to install catalina but more often when i try to boot it fails and goes back to bios saying boot failure detected. can anyone please help me out thanks. Attached is my efi. EFI.zip
  11. I am a music enthusiast trying to build a hackintosh workstation for music composition and mixing. I am new to this and have little knowledge I hope to ask questions and find out more about this endeavour. My pc parts are as follows. Gigabyte Aorus master X299 Motherboard. Intel core i9 10980xe cpu. Gigabyte Radeon vega56 gpu. any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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