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  1. Hi @fabiosun I'm come back with good news, as I promised myself I can't give up. Have been asked the guy who helped me, but the result came no joy. I know that I must help myself, What did I tried: Changed (again) all PCI Slots -failed Changed to another adapter TP-Link T9E Archer (native in BS) - failed Replaced the memo original slot M.2 NGFF (Intel) with BRCM493602CS - failed Apple Orginal Wifi card with M.2 adapter - failed. Then, it must be st concern my mono and Monterey - I told myself. I started from scratch again, ht
  2. Yes, this EFI is not the EFI you gave me, someone help me to refine the EFI your to be this one, I works well, (some like generic SSD be come Apple SSD…), and I don’t have to declare Device Properties but it still show correctly. I just don’t like the way he leave advertising words on the boot screen, so I do replaced all the .efi (Opentime, Boot, Opencannopy…), the advertising disappeared, and some errors occurred as well, the ACPI some how, I don’t know, he said that he complied all the files to be 2 *.aml. I just wanna try can I get it better, but I don’t think I do need another
  3. Hi @fabiosun A gently ask for help, I facing PCI: There was an error while gathering PCI device information (Before it shows properly (exactly this EFI, somehow I reset NVRAM and all gone, try many times but no way to get its shown again) Profiles: ** Error ** *** -[__NSDictionaryM setObject:forKey:]: object cannot be nil (key: _name): Please help, And I would like to hide The UEFI Shell, I would like to hide it, just leave only ResetNVRAM, also there's SystemRESET.efi but it not show, would you mind to have a look into my EFI and tell
  4. Yes, I did. So my conclude is that stay with Big Sur and wait for OC till they can do something more with Monterey. Here're latest update after reinstall BigSur with some refinements Is it good?😅
  5. @fabiosun I've tried, i can boot to the os but it keep lagging and hang after 30 seconds after booted up. I'm officially forgive myself for this case. I'm give up. Another thing more painful that Clover did, somehow it scanning entire disks, write something in the boot sector and now, neither BigSur wirh OC or Windows is booted. i have to install it all again, (I tried to use another USB with OC EFI, failed as well, so deep so hurt) 🐷 Thanks fabiosun for your all helps and kindness. I will stay in happy with BigSur, Monterey is beautiful but just may be not f
  6. @fabiosun Just wanna give a try, I just want to know it's not my fault. I tried your Cover EFI https://www.macos86.it/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=38557 Edit CPU patched to be mine (18 for 24 cores) Generate new SMBios, But it can't be booted, the attached file is misc/log, please have a look and tell me what need to be corrected, can you somehow edit the MMIO to be mine, I don't know how to do it, really sorry for disturbing because of my stupid. What my aim is see until the installation welcome screen, is there a wifi or not, that's it. and
  7. @fabiosun Thanks bro, like you said, I will go to give a try with Clover. This will take sometime, since I used to with Clover since macOS Seirra. I will keep trying till myself tell me I should give up.💪 I will keep you posted.
  8. @fabiosun Thank so much for your advices, I can be happy with BigSur and wait no problem, but another bigger problem that stuck in my mind can't be suffered that because of my hw? Bigsur? OpenCore? PCIe? Bios Config? no clues yet, since if we track back all, it's not logical. 🤯 I contacted Fenvi Support, they send me the file as attachment, can you have a look, also they advise I should you Clover, ever you tried Clover for your sys? I really have no ideas how to cover EFI from OC to Clover. This is what next step by step I planned: 1. Use Clover to try agai
  9. @fabiosun Sorry for disconnected for awhile, I have to find the 6800XT or 6900XT to get the same as your specs, but 6900XT can't be found, it's so hard to find a VGA in here at this moment, I got 6800XT after a week of waiting. Please see the picture for how my components get connected, I do everything exactly as per your advices (the only thing my Asus mobo doesn't have is pcie 1x as your MSI, but the result is painful, I don't believe I should give up without trying what ever I can in my power. Is there anything I can do more? Again, thanks
  10. @fabiosun Sorry to bother you again, I've posted my problem, and got a reply from a guy who had exactly my HW, that's nothing works in Monterey same as me, other people also confirm that Monterey is no longer working. https://forum.amd-osx.com/index.php?threads/asus-rog-strix-trx40.2262/page-2#post-17665 I just want to know how could it possible that your system get to works so well. It's not a big deal, I'm happy with BigSur but just something still not clear in my mind.
  11. Hi @fabiosun May I ask for your another favor; Just to make sure that I was doing right, and wanna learn from your success case, please give me answers as below to eliminated any wrong procedures, /software/firmware config that might lead to the failure: 1. Did you use the same EFI for installing/booting BigSur and Monterey? Is there any minor change? 2. How did you create the installer USB? 2. Did you change anything in BIOS setting from BigSur to Monterey? 3. In the GPU card, there's UEFI and LegacyBIOS interchangable (we can do it in Windows), did you change
  12. @fabiosun I seen @carlos78 case from page1 to 6, the only similar between mine hw and his is that our card is made by Sapphire, I don't know what is yours, but due to some info I found, Sapphire may short-circuit/un-welding some pins rather than others do on AMD chip for competitive costing, this might leads to the limitation of hardware addressing related PCI lanes. I don't know is that true, But yeah, I would take another GPU which is made by other makers, see how it going on. I didn't give up yet, I will keep you posted.
  13. Thanks for your kind helps @fabiosun, I did try, the Toggle SIP appeared, Disabled SIP, boot...but nothing happened, I'm living in the dark now.🙈
  14. @fabiosun I accidentally see when the PC off (command line run...), on BigSur it show SIP OFF, but on Monterey is SIP ON. Is that the problem why Monterey can't load external kernels? I found this but I'm not quite get it. Would you please kind to have a look on my config.plist again, tell me how to turn SIP OFF for Monterey, I don't know is that the right direction but I just know I'm not give up yet, for now. config.plist.zip
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