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  1. @fabiosun Here is my new Efi under OpenCore 0.7.2 with the patches for Monterey simplified to 11. To put in the OP. Works perfectly under BigSur 11.5.1 I haven't done the Monterey installation test yet. TRX 40 GIGABYTE DESIGNARE OPENCORE 0.7.2 zip.zip
  2. The Arrakis config - step4 starts Big Sur but restarts but less often The Arrakis config - step3 Starts Monterey Beta 3 installer and begins installation but hangs ... with the message "An error occurred while preparing for installation….."
  3. The config-arrakis-2 step starts Big Sur but I get the same error as the onfig-arrakis-1 step config for the Monterey installation. The config-arrakis-3 step starts Big Sur but very unstable restarts or freezes. On the other hand, starts the installer Monterey Beta 3 and begins the installation but freezes at various stages. (I tried several times without changing anything)
  4. Starts well Big Sur 11.4 and 11.5 but for the installation of Monterey B3 it stops there. I call back on the off chance with all of the patches, I can install Monterey B1.
  5. Thank you very much Fabiosun, the efi above here was used to clean Install Big Sur 5 and it boots on 11.4 and 11.5 so you can take it as a reference.
  6. Still not possible to boot on Big Sur 11.4 or 11.5. When I try to install Monterey Beta 3 from a stick. I get an endless sequence (See Capture). During my test day I already had this and I had disabled all kexts concerning Airport, bluetooth, wifi without result.
  7. I changed the value of MaxKernel and already change the EFI on my post above. I noticed what you modified in the patch. How I could not understand ..... your explanation however precise.😒 I tested. with your modified config.plist and I can't boot Big Sur 4. The change stops after selecting the system. Attached is the debug file. opencore-2021-07-22-171457.txt.zip
  8. @AllubzHere is my EFI OpenCore 0.7.1 and with the CPU topology patch that Fabiosun talks about Try it with this version of OpenCore to see if the problem persists. @fabiosun You can put it in OP if you want. Edit : This is the right one. OpenCore 0.7.1 for Big Sur 11.4 & 11.5 EFI ARRAKIS OPENCORE0.7.1.zip
  9. I managed to install the Monterey B1 version from an EFI OpenCore 0.7.1. Then I tried to boot with Shanne's PR EFI OpenCore 0.7.2 without success. Even try all eGPU suggestions once again. Here I spent my day trying multiple studies of combinations to no avail. I am stopping there for the moment. I'm not even talking about attempts to upgrade Monterey B3 which each time breaks the installation of beta B1 and back to square one.😒
  10. @fabiosunno, i don't prefer to test with clover i don't know anything about it. I prefer to stay on opencore because at least I am on familiar ground. even though I don't have your knowledge levels.😀
  11. I started under 11.4 with the efi modified according to your remarks. I launched the installation on a volume from the disk image which is in the application folder of BigSur 11.4 so a clean instal. Same result, the first part is installed correctly but on the second start always the same error. my modified config.plist following your remarks and the debug file. config.plist Arrakis modified following Egpu.zipopencore-2021-07-18-171901.txt.zip
  12. @fabiosunit's the same, here are the last lines loading the system and the debug file opencore-2021-07-18-161248.txt.zip
  13. here is my config.plist under your Opencore 0.7.2 version Arrakisconfig.plistzip.zip
  14. @fabiosunI can't get the screenshot because the behavior is different. I can log into the session then after 1 min reboot .... and so on. The screenshot is when I switch the efi back to the other with dummypowermanagement enabled. I don't know if this can help?
  15. @fabiosun As you can see, I have the exact same quirks as yours. This means that it is starting to have uniformity between motherboards. (MSI TRX40 Creator, Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Xtreme, MSI Trx40 Pro 10G, Gigabyte TRX40 Designare) I have to keep the DummyPowerManagement activated otherwise I get this error (Screen capture) I'm still on your version of Open Core 0.7.2. I will try to remake a Monterey B3 instal today if I have time. @PloddlesDo you also have to activate Dummy Power Management?
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