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  1. @iGPU Approach n ° 1 : Doesn't work for I210 (no internet connection) and I already had DisableWatchDog enable from the start. Approach n ° 2: Does not work for the I210 (no internet connection) but I will keep the SSDT-TRX40-USBX) Approach n ° 3: Does not work for the I210 (no internet connection) Approach N ° 4: Prevents the system from starting, stays on the beginning of the loading stuck eternally on the apple. I did the 1,2,3,4 tests with the SSDT-EC-USBX-DESKTOP.aml and / or the SSDT-TRX40-USBX.aml) as well as the I210 Device Properties enabled or disable
  2. @iGPU I misspoke my question, what tool do you use to insert into the config.plist ?
  3. @iGPU how to create a patch kext. ? to inject the code to test 3.
  4. @iGPU I have proceeded in order of suggestion. 1. I have disabled iommu in the bios (deactivation does not modify the MMIO) which I will keep like that anyway: identical problem, kernel panic or freeze, no recognition of the Intel I210 module. 2. Addition of the codes in Device / Properties: identical problem, kernel panic or freeze, recognition of the Intel I210 module but inactive. (Capture 1) 3. Addition of the SmallTreeIntel82576 kext: identical problem, panic or freeze kernel, recognition of the Intel I210 module but inactive. (Capture 1) 4. Deactivation of the c
  5. @iGPU Here is the .txt file of the PCI implementation. There is no improvement under Big Sur 11.4. beta 3 with your SmallTreeIntel82576-I211.kext for the ethernet module. I attach the config.plist of my current setup which works fine on Big Sur 11.3.1. PCI DEVICES ARRAKIS.zip config arrakis.plist.zip
  6. @iGPU And there you have it, there is work to do this weekend. Merci beaucoup Gigabyte Designare TRX40 REV 1.1 Arrakis .zip
  7. I confirm for the version of Resolve 17.2. It works without the patch.
  8. @fabiosun I confirm ImacPro 1.1 under opencore 0.6.8, it's the same for me.
  9. I have already tried with iMacpro 1.1 it is identical. I have tried with OpenCore 0.6.8 too. I will try again now because I have done a lot of testing and I have some doubts.
  10. @iGPU @fabiosun I did the test to remove the Titan Ridge card and my problem is still there. We can therefore definitively exclude a possible problem related to the thunderbolt. What tickles me from the start is that the motherboard ethernet module is not recognized under 11.4 while under 10.15 to 11.3.1 it has always been recognized. For what reason under 11.4. beta3 the system points to the wrong folder for the ethernet module extension ? Why ? Is there a way in Open-Core to assign the correct folder ? I have checked in IONetworkingfa
  11. @fabiiosun I tried my config.plist modified by you, it's identical: extinction and reboot etc ... @iGPU it's super cool, thank you so much. i will try your mini EFI and i will get back to you.
  12. @iGPUI just made the Big Sur 11.4 beta 3 bet and yesterday's diagnosis is no longer valid. It is extinction after 1 min following kernel panic, reboot and so on. There's no need to recreate an SSDT just yet. It's too unstable on my configuration, thank you very much for your suggestion to redo an SSDT. @fabiosun can you check out my config.plist when you have time. Big Sur 11.3.1 is perfect , Big Sur 11.4 beta 3 is completely crap. config.plist.zip
  13. @IGPU it's a problem with the thunderbolt card but I'm not sure it's the flash version because when I disable SSDTs (SSDT-TBOLT3-NVM23 & SSDT-DTGP.aml). I don't have Kernel panic anymore. The system can see the card and the peripherals plugged into it. (See Screen capture) but inoperative. The flash I used was TitanRidgeNVM23-E64Fr. Do you have any idea what's wrong with these SSDTs? (both are from the EFI Meina22 so you have to work together for the proper functioning of the hot plugging) In my multis tests, I noticed that the Kext: SmallTreeIntel82
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