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  1. Well the last 4 are 0 but it boots and restarts normally ! Thank you ! Btw meant to ask , do you get some lagging when you resize Chrome's window? I'm still trying to figure out whether everything is proper graphic's wise since i still get the black screen. Would you recommend any "testing" to see if everything works as it should?
  2. ooo , did i just manage to change the whitelist by myself?? 😄 Master Fabio! Is there a reason the last 4 , have to be false? opencore-2020-11-18-155042.txt.zip
  3. I put # in front and I get everything 0 . Is the goal to have everything say skip 1?
  4. I double checked everything now. The only difference is I selected Primary Display PCIE slot and chose the 3rd one. Everything else is as last time ( Saved FABIO DONT TOUCH profile 😄 ) Is there a way to change the whitelist myself?
  5. Oh no.. it changed a lot Only thing i did is put the GPU from 1st to 3rd slot. ( still get the black screen) I used to have be all 1 except the last 4 that were 0 opencore-2020-11-18-142821.txt.zip
  6. WEEELLL...... Had to move my graphics card to slot 3 ( Don't kill me Fabio , i promised not to touch anything) and moved the firewire card to slot 2 and it works! Any reason why it wouldnt work on slot 3 and 4? I can barely fit it to slot 2 with the GPU on slot 1 and it's blocking the 1 of the fans
  7. It doesn't have a power connector ! I've seen a few models that have molex connectors but mine doesnt! It shows up in the bios and in DPCImanager ( screenshots ) or that doesn't matter? The only thing i see is an 8 pin pad.
  8. Just received my PCIE Firewire ( SYBA) which was recommended by a lot of users that works OTB but it doesnt show up or work. Is it something to do with mmio whitelist? I downloaded DPCImanager and it shows up there but not in system preferences.
  9. The biggest issue so far is the black screen before the login! I've tried this options so far : New HDMI cable Different monitor Booting with an old clover drive ( works there ) AGDPinject for 5700xt Whatever green On/OFF Agdpmod = pikera / ignore and still the same issue. If i turn on and off my monitor , it works right away And it might be my idea , or catalina but I feel that it doesnt feel as "smooth" as I would imagine. Any ideas from the Gurus? 😄
  10. No i haven't cleared the nvram ! I wasn't aware of that ! I'll give it a go ! I've tried it in a different machine as well it works fine , so i'll try a few more things to see ! Wanted to ask , I'm waiting for a FW pci e card to arrive. Would I need changes in the MMIO whitelist again?
  11. I've tried adding that but the behavior is very unpredictable! Sometimes it works fine and sometimes I have to turn off the monitor and turn it back on again. I know for sure the monitor works great because i've tried it with a few different computers Was the known problem regarding black screen before the user login screen?
  12. I think all of my USB ports are working except the USB-C one! It can charge a phone but it doesnt send any data! Thank you so much ! Yes , Im using iMacPro1,1. I will give it a go! Wanted to ask , the .ioreg you posted on the OP is supposed to be loaded into the system?
  13. I think my USB works! Very weird! The SSD gets 500mb/s and a 3.1 gets very slow speeds ( I've tried it on an original macbook and gets the same speeds , so i guess it's fine? ) Now the biggest issue is the black screen that happens randomly before the login password screen. I've tried a few things but it's very unpredictable. Sometimes if i turn off the monitor and turn on , it works. However, i've been using this monitor with my previous setup and it's been working fine.
  14. Just did! I would be lying if I said I'm not terrified by all those code lines... info’s Mac Pro.zip
  15. I will do that ! I already saved the bios settings as " FABIO DONT TOUCH " haha and backed up the EFi! Again , thank you so much and I apologise for some stupid mistakes . I'm still very new to the AMD hackintosh world coming from Clover and it's whole different world! Hopefully I'll some how make @Ploddles usb config work . Networking is working and the benchmarks are good ! Just weird behavior with the USB ( some external hdd run with 500mbs and some usb sticks with 30mb/s, very weird ! )
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