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  1. @Ploddles, do you mind sharing your latest EFI? I am reinstalling the replacement Designare mobo... I managed to get the TR TB3 card to work on the Asrock board, but not in a stable condition. So, I am switching back to the Gigabyte board -- hopefully it will last longer this time🤞 Thanks!
  2. @Arrakis, not sure if you had re-flashed your Titan-Ridge TB3 card to the new firmware from the link shared by @iGPU. The new firmware fixed all the random freezes caused by the 11.3.1 OS update on my X3970X hack...
  3. @DriftwoodAre you having issue with your 8K Dell monitor after upgrading from OpenCore 063? Now, my hack is seeing it as two separate monitors So, I have to connect it with just one DisplayPort and using it as a 4K monitor... Cheers!
  4. @Ploddles, do you mind sharing your 065 EFI again? Just got my "repaired" Designare mobo back from Gigabyte and plan to reinstall it because I can't get the TR TB3 card working with my Asrock mobo🤨Thanks!
  5. Okay, no problem. Will get the drive going later today... Thanks again!
  6. Hmm... the latest config.plist is rebooting the machine shortly after I select the macOS drive. Need to take the drive out and replace the config.plist...
  7. @fabiosun it's still waking up immediately...🤨 At least my Apple Watch is unlocking my Ryzentosh properly! Archive.zip
  8. Thanks, @fabiosun! Will try it now... BTW, I had upgraded to BS 11.1 without any problem, but proper tree is no longer working! Have you experienced the same?
  9. So, it still wakes up immediately, and it's caused by DarkWake: 2020-12-14 20:06:16 -0600 Sleep Entering Sleep state due to 'Software Sleep pid=142': Using AC (Charge:0%) 2020-12-14 20:06:51 -0600 DarkWake DarkWake from Normal Sleep [CDN] : due to D0A1 D0A2 D0A3 D0A4 D0A5 D0A6 D0A7 D0B0 D0B1 D0B2 D0B3 D0B4 D0B5 D0B6 D0B7 D1A0 D1A1 D1A2 D1A3 D1A4 D1A5 D1A6 D1A7 D1B0 D1B1 D/ Using AC (Charge:0%) 6 secs 2020-12-14 20:06:57 -0600 Wake DarkWake to FullWake from Normal Sleep [CDNVA] : due to UserActivity Assertion Using AC (Charge
  10. Thanks, @Driftwood! Will try the sleep test with your BIOS settings... BTW, have you tried any TB3 card with the Asrock mobo?
  11. Also, did you check out this page: https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Post-Install/usb/misc/instant-wake.html? Not sure how to look through my DSDT...
  12. No, sleep is still not working... but at least it's NOT stuck in sleep mode if I force it to sleep. Thanks again!
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