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  • I'm a audio engineer and video editor who like to work on live sound venues and wedding photos, looking to learn from this community and grow with cool people.


  • I live in the ice box Minnesota


  • Audio, video and Photos and mixing live show


  • Sound Engineer
  1. Give me more instructions regarding the EFI and where on the hard drive it needs to be save or placed, you have been a tremendous help to me, greatly appreciate your time and effort’s in assisting me, much respect, yeah!
  2. The keyboard is working, no Ethernet, no Bluetooth, no wi-fi, no sound, I have lilu appleALC, WhareverGreen,VirtualSMC, AMDRyzenCPagement and LucyRL8125Ethernet (I don’t think this Ethernet kept is for my motherboard)
  3. The ACPI is missing from the EFI on the desktop, will I need it before a restart and where should I place the EFI on the hard drive?
  4. It never took this long to get to the install screen, not sure if the is normal processing
  5. Now it keeps coming back here for install and won’t advance to the setting up process 😩😤
  6. When I open the ACPI the folder is empty, is that ok? does it need to have files?
  7. Hey I’m not sure what I did to the usb pin, I was able to get as far as the Mac OS utilities and I formatted the drive for installation and when I go to do the install, it says this copy of the install Mac OS Catalina is damaged and can’t be used to in stall Mac OS, more closer, I’m excited, what can I do from here?
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