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  1. Vendo completo di cavo modificato e firmware Elias64FR.bin patchato. Spedizione inclusa nel prezzo finale che è di 150 Euro. Nessuna imperfezione o malfunzionamento.
  2. I'm trying to install Mojave on my ryzentosh but installation process doesn't start....of course it dependes from missing kernel patches for Mojave. I search in github and there is a list of patches....but i'm as a newbie with AMD hacks so could someone help me to find the correct patches to use with Mojave?
  3. Major changes using OC compare are the following: config.plist -> Kernel -> Quirks - Missing Key: SetApfsTrimTimeout config.plist -> Misc -> Boot - Missing Key: LauncherPath config.plist -> Misc -> Boot - Missing Key: LauncherOption config.plist -> DeviceProperties -> Add - Missing Key: PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1b,0x0) config.plist -> UEFI -> Quirks - Missing Key: DisableSecurityPolicy config.plist -> PlatformInfo - Missing Key: UseRawUuidEncoding config.plist -> PlatformInfo -> Generic - Missing Key: MaxBIOSVersion Sample.pl
  4. @Ploddles....did you upgrade to oc 0.66? Are there any major changes with the previous?
  5. Finally, after several doubts and after 10 years of Intel Hackintosh builds i decided to switch to this new platform. The one who suggested and helped me with this new kind of setup was fabiosun. I'm still testing and not finished my build...it's work in progress but i hope to finish and complete this thread during Christmas Holidays. My setup is the following: Case: Thermaltake Level 20XT TK Level 20 XT Motherboard: Gigabyte Designare TRX40 rev. 1.1 Designare CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X CPU PSU: Enermax EPM 1700 EGT PSU RAM: 256GB Patriot Viper Black
  6. @ArrakisOk i set up my system and i tried your EFI but maybe you did some mistake in packaging it because i've no image found so i tried to use 0.64 release with your config and kext and now i'm able to boot. Please can you upload again your updated EFI?
  7. I'm waiting my new designare with 3970X cpu....i will start with your efi to see if with a different cpu BS will start too. Did you put in 1 slot the videocard, and thunderbolt? In 4th slot? Can you insert pictures of bios settings?
  8. Maybe i was not clear with my question....i mean this. I have a titan ridge thunderbolt controller already patched and with tb cable jumpered. i actually use this controller with my x299 system...fully working hot plug etc. port 7 enabled etc. Last week i tried to setup a ryzentosh following fabiosun directions and using the same hw configuration and EFI he uses. So the thunderbolt was properly seen by osx, port 7 enabled etc. But when i switch on UA audio interface the system restart. Instead..if i switch on the audio card before booting osx everything work correctly, the UA is recognized and
  9. Anyone with thunderbolt controller and UA audio device working on ryzentosh?
  10. @Arrakis Please can you share the EFI you use with your Designarex?
  11. unfortunately I decided to abandon the project to switch to rizen....thunderbolt audio card has issues with this new system so maybe in future if all problems will be solved I will consider again my choice.
  12. I decided to "switch" from X299 to AMD platform....i'm waiting parts. I started to "study" something about this new platform and i hope my thunderbolt peripherals will work!....Fabiosun you are warned!!! 😝
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