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  1. Reporting back; disabling half of the cores and leaving multithreading on didn't change any base/boost frequency control on the macOS side. Cinebench r23 came back at about 30,000 points, which makes sense considering we're losing 32 physical cores. CC: @fabiosun Might be something that is patchable through kernel or otherwise, but hard to say, obviously. Current conclusion; everything is super smooth and works great regardless of the fairly massive performance drop compared to fully threaded in Win/Linux. To be able to tap into some of that extra juice, KVM
  2. Next step I'll try disabling cores and report back, to see if it's a matter of how macOS handles single-threaded vs multi-threaded, or if it's just a lack of support for 3990x in general.
  3. Starting this thread from a discussion in the Bare Metal Vanilla thread. The TL;DR: There seems to be a lack of power management, or rather a lack of frequency management in macOS when it comes to the 3990x 64 core (128 thread) processor. Since macOS can only handle 64 threads, one has to either disable cores or disable multithreading. The CPU clock remains static at base 2.9Ghz, never moving up or down (the stock boost frequency is 4.3Ghz). After exhausting many options with kexts, tweaks in config.plist, and BIOS settings my theory is that either macOS has no ins
  4. So you mean disable cores? Hmm. I thought disabling multithreading would simply make macOS "think" it was 32+32... Damnit, they need to add support for more cores in the system. Will look at the MMIO, must have been a setting I missed when defaulting the bios.
  5. Isn't it technically 64+0? In Windows is 64+64, with 64+0 I land around 60000 points. I would settle for at least what I get through VM. 😅
  6. I've actually tried. I first added just the AMDRyzenCPUPowerManagement.kext naively hoping that would fix my problems, then SMCAMDProcessor.kext, and it's all the same with or without. I have noticed that TDP actually goes up to 280W, I think it just happens when fully loaded at 2,9GHz and Cinebench doesn't really saturate the CPU for some reason, so it goes to about 270W. In either case, the clock remains unchanged. With PBO on in windows I get over 76000 points, and in macOS I hover around 41000-43000, no change in general, not even with PBO on. Huge performance loss, even greater with PBO o
  7. Here's the new log... I guess this does stand out (also in previous log); 00:519 00:010 OCCPU: Failed to get FSBFrequency data using Apple Platform Info - Not Found FSB is the clock frequency multiplier, if I'm not mistaken. Which is displayed earlier in the log; 00:116 00:001 OCCPU: CPUFrequency 2899992542Hz 2899MHz 00:117 00:001 OCCPU: FSBFrequency 103571162Hz 103MHz opencore-2021-10-15-071057.txt.zip
  8. Of course. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Thanks! Gonna boot into bare metal with logging to file on debug. Brb.
  9. Where do you guys find the beta releases? Right now I've just snagged what I could from posts here to got onto 0.7.5, the github repo is still on release 0.7.4. Figured I'd drop in the debug version. Here's a debug I generated with 0.7.4 a couple of tweaks back, but not sure if that one had DummyPowerManagement enabled (though I still have the same results with and without); opencore-2021-10-13-230144.txt.zip CPUInfo.txt.zip
  10. Weird, well... I wonder if disabling Above 4G Encoding would do anything, it did allow me to finally pass through my 6800XT to VM when launching via Qemu/Virt-Manager through arch. Haven't booted bare metal since.
  11. I hope there's a problem with the config, because I doubt anyone will solve any issues with 3990x anytime soon. I suspect it just hasn't been tested thoroughly, seeing as most results in the Geekbench 5 database are within the same range. config.plist.zip
  12. Yes, I just mounted the EFI to check and grab that screenshot. Could it be my ProperTree not showing the right values? Everything else seems to be in order...
  13. Hmm, what the... Here's how it looks on my end;
  14. I've never had it enabled, should I try to enable it?
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