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  1. @fabiosun I have attached my EFI incase you want to add to the list of EFI on PAGE one incase anyone else needs it. Everything is working like a champ including Wifi , Bluetooth, Air drop , Aquantia and I211. I also noticed a huge increase in performance. Thanks again for all your help. EFI.zip
  2. What is the best process to do the USB port mapping a TRX40 . I have tried a few different methods and when I do the system hangs. There is one in the site but is in Italian 🙂
  3. OMGOMG OMG thank you I have Aquantia, I211 and my WIFI working . Thank you I have more question . 1) What patch do I need to update my OS from 13.3. 2) How do I turn off logging I updated my MMIO whitelist. 3) any suggestion on how I can get my Bluetooth woking on my Fenvi card?
  4. Victor’s Mac Pro.zipThanks here you go im trying to get the Fenvi 919 and Aquantia working :-(
  5. Can anyone guide me on how I can update these 3 ssdt to match my hardware SSDT-6900XT.aml SSDT-PLUG.aml SSDT-SBRG-USBX.aml also how can I turn on logging on OC want to check if my MMIO list needs updating. EFI.zip pcidevices.zip
  6. Can you share your efi? You hardware specs for your board are similar to mine and I'm trying to see if I can get my wifi , bluetooth and 10 gig lan card to work .
  7. Im still struggling trying to get my Aquantia 107 card to work . Does anyone have a working EFI with a working Aquantia on Ventura I can see and to a compare to see what might be missing to get this working. Or if I can get my wifi working that would work also. I have a Aquantia 107 Intel I211 Gig lan Inte WIfi AX200
  8. Thank you it work now im cleaning up my efi since I only use Monterey and Ventura . Im still struggling treeing to get my Aquantia 107 card to work .
  9. What is the best way to update my OC from 83 to 88 . When ever I do I get this error using OC Validate. I also what to clean it up to see if I can finally get my Aquantia card working. I only use Monterey as a back up and Ventura as my production OS. EFI.zip
  10. Happy New Year everyone . I'm back from my holiday and I'm catching up with all the posts . I see that Aquantia 107 cards are working . I will give it a shot tonite. I there anything special kext I need to load or patch?
  11. @Cosmin Batica i had the same issue in the past trying to install from USB on my Asus board. Do you still have a woking copy of Big Sur running on your computer ?
  12. I just did the Ventura 13.1 Beta2 and machine is running like a champ expect it keeps trying to go to sleep even when turn off sleep on the settings. Is there a way to add something in my configuration to stop the machine from trying to go to sleep.
  13. Can you share your EFI. I'm trying to get my Aquantia and Fenvi T919 working on my Zenith II Extreme . Can you also export to Bios config and also share it .
  14. Works like a champ. Thanks I can boot to Windows 11 , Big Sur , Monterey, Ventura from Open core :-). Now if I can get my aquatia or wireless card to work that would be amazing . Baby steps
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