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  1. I have updated all my kext including Lilu and WEG added boot-args -wegbeta -lilubetaall and I get stuck in this point of the boot process.
  2. This sounds like a silly question but can someone help me with my OC so that I can pull logs to update my MMIO whitelist . EFI.zip
  3. I removed WEG kext and pikera boot arg and still no change . This is what I get when running 66 blur notes EFI.zip With 6 TRN this is my results.
  4. Yes I have WEG running should disable it . Im running MACPRO7.1. In my boot augments I have <string>-v agdpmod=pikera</string> I never updated my MmioWhitelist after I updated my smbios to MACPRO 7.1
  5. Im going to try beta 3 and will install studio . I will keep you posted .
  6. I did a fresh install of 11.14 Beta 2 on a spare PCI4 M.2 drive and I have noticed better response time.. The OS drive I was using I was noticing application performance response.   You want test  Divinci  ?

  7. @fabiosun here are my test results with beta 2 . Im available today if you need me to run something else.
  8. I'm also using agdpmod=pikera boot argument and seems to be working fine.
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