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  1. So who is going to be the first to try it? I'd love to but can't ATM. As soon as I get home I'll give it a play.
  2. At 11.3 stage the RC came out and then further betas were released before the final release. Let's hope this doesn't continue like that one did.
  3. That could be your problem, without the plist macOS can't connect to your network cards. If it doesn't exist when the system starts up then it scans your interfaces and creates the file. From then on it just reads the plist without having to fully scan and configure your system again.
  4. @Arrakis This is a long shot but have you tried deleting your NetworkInterfaces.plist file and then rebooting. cd /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration sudo rm NetworkInterfaces.plist
  5. @valmeida HERE is a debug EFI. It is a few months old but that doesn't matter. Nor does it matter if your system boots or fails along the way. Copy it onto a USB stick and boot with it. If the system doesn't go into macOS after a minute or so reboot with your normal EFI to get into your system. In the root of the USB stick there will be a text file, with todays date in it, and the MMIO values will be somewhere in that text file. You then need to convert the hex values to base10 for your whitelist.
  6. I've just had a look at your update and am now a bit confused, easily done though 😀 Whenever I have extracted the values via the debug version of OC, every single entry has skip 0, not a single skip 1. I must be doing something wrong as this would suggest that I don't need any values in the mmiowhitelist section. In the config file I had no entries in the whitelist whilst I extracting them to the text file. The debug version I use is a good few months old so I will download the latest and test again. There was also no difference between having Above 4G enabled/disabled.
  7. You can add -wegoff to the boot arguments to test it or disable/remove whatevergreen.kext in the config.plist
  8. If you are booting multiple OS then it is often necessary to remove power to the machine (for about 10 seconds), ie turn off or remove the power cable not just shutdown from the OS. Each OS will upload its own firmware to the BT & Wifi chips that is only cleared by completely removing power. Just shutting down still leaves power to the MB so power must be completely removed.
  9. @iGPU are there any particular benefits to running as MacPro7,1 rather than iMacPro1,1? Do we gain or lose anything by using one over the other? I use iMacPro1,1 atm but only because that is what was recommended when we started on this journey.
  10. I haven't used it a great deal but it seems very stable atm, in other words it hasn't crashed on me. I updated the BIOS to F4Q and some of the MMIO values changed and these have been incorporated into the EFI. If you therefore use it as is you will need to update to F4Q, or copy the MMIO section from the previous 0.6.7 EFI to stick with F4P. I also haven't got round to changing it to the nice icons yet so it is using the text mode picker. As OC 0.6.9 will be release next week I was leaving it until then to change the picker mode to the icons whilst I am making the other changes that will be ne
  11. @iGPU I seem to remember a few days ago, on another forum, that a number of people started having a similar issue when they updated from 11.2.3 to the official 11.3. They all had Intel CPUs though and not AMD. The issue was to do with USB port mapping and some having more than 15 ports mapped. I think the issue was solved for them by redoing their USBPorts.kext and/or disabling XhciPortLimit in the kernel section of their config.plist.
  12. This is what we like to see. Borrowed an RX470 from a friend for a few hours and finally managed to get 11.4 beta 1 installed. With just the RX 6800/6900 XT the install always just hung at 12 minutes remaining and the keyboard and mouse would lock up. Happened on both a fresh install and an update from 11.2.1. Strange situation but all working now. I also updated the BIOS to F4q which required a new MMIO whitelist as a few values changed. @Jaidy I'll send you the new EFI later in the week. All working great apart from Opencanopy, just the text list rather than the graph
  13. Yes, resizable bar is disabled. I don't think I will have time this weekend to play but I'll try and sort it out next week.
  14. For those of you who have successfully updated to the 11.4 beta, did you have to run the installer/updater with another card and then install the 6800/6900 or could you update/install with the 6800/6900 already in the machine. I managed to download the full installer on another machine and create a bootable installer USB drive. I tried, just the once, to do an install with the 6900 in the PC and it hangs at about 30%. I'll have another play tomorrow night but I don't have an RX580 anymore as my old one stopped working so I need to install with the 6900XT already in the
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