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  1. Big Sur 11.0.1 Beta has just been released. The Gold Master must be just days away, surely. EDIT:- And a new version (19H4) of Catalina 10.15.7.
  2. @jncasey, remember, it is only a guide and not all options/suggestions are applicable to all systems. Some systems won't boot at all when some settings are set to the default in the guide.
  3. If you install both the 2020 and 2021 versions, the 2020 version may also stop working because of a shared version of Camera Raw - V13.0 To get over this you can download and install the old 12.4 version. Download Link. Remember to disable auto updates or V13.0 will be installed again.
  4. Photoshop and Lightroom both crash out now. Strange that it is a different dylib file that is causing the crash. I may try to install the old version of PS and copy the old version of the offending library file across to the new PS and see if that does anything for us. Just a PITA for Adobe to do this to us. EDIT:- Replaced the 2 offending dylib files. This time it gets a bit further, the splash screen loads, but it still crashes with a 'program error'.
  5. @meina222, I've never lost the saved profile on a BIOS update. Once they didn't appear after an update when I went into BIOS to reload it, however, a cold boot (turning off power/pulling power cord for 10 seconds) and they reappeared when I went back in. I also save a copy of my profile(s) to a USB stick, "just in case".
  6. @jncasey, if needed, you can flash your MB back to any version you want. It doesn't have to be newer, it can be older as well. The last time I updated the BIOS it made no difference to the whitelist, they were exactly the same, but do check as yours may be different with different BIOS versions.
  7. Boooooo, hissssssss Adobe. Edit:- Just tried it. It won't even load with the 'Adobe Crash Fix XLNC'. Immediately crashes - loads of libtbbmalloc.dylib errors. Intel stuff but different dylib file than previous Photoshop version - libiomp5.dylib was the previous culprit.
  8. New version of Photoshop has just been released, V22.0. I'll download and try it, without the patches, later this evening when I get home. Hopefully the Intel specific stuff has been removed.
  9. This is pretty much the average of running the benchtest, on the release version, a number of times.
  10. I just reran the PugetBench again (release version of AE) and had a score of 1057. Running it again now to see if I get a similar score on a second run. Tomorrow I will try the Beta version of AE, without the Adobe patches/fixes, to see if it will complete or stall at the last 5% again.
  11. Anyone wanting to use an X-Rite i1Profiler to colour profile your display, you need the same fix as the DaVinci Resolve AMD fix. Just replace the mentioned file and boom, it works.
  12. Not being a gamer, are those scores good, bad or indifferent?
  13. The Aorus Xtreme boots Big Sur Beta 9 fine with the latest OC and those 4 patches disabled. I have, however, lost my internal Wifi - so that could be either OC 0.6.2 or possibly one of those 4 patches - which I doubt, but will test at the weekend when I have time.
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