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  1. The latest release of Lightroom Classic, V10.1.1, no long seems to need the patches/fixes to work. Let's hope that Photoshop etc follow this lead.
  2. I've seen elsewhere that macOS will not run with Re-Size Bar enabled, it must be disabled.
  3. @fabiosun, any particular reason you are running your ram at 1600MHz rather than 2400 or 3000?
  4. New Beta just released, hoping for 6900 drivers. Will find out later.
  5. @fabiosun, have you tried the Candle benchmark for DaVinci Resolve yet? I'm interested to see how it compares to mine when I tried it.
  6. I can boot with it but there is no hardware acceleration etc.
  7. @Jaidy Yes I’m using 0.6.5 now. I’ll zip it up and send you a download link tonight.
  8. Has anyone else tried OC 0.6.5 and using the built in Intel WiFi on Gigabyte boards? My wifi has stopped working. Will troubleshoot it later but wondering if anyone else has this issue.
  9. @meina222 When I relink the media file it doesn't immediately show in the preview window(s). I seem to have to flick between the Edit and Colour work spaces, or whatever they are called in Resolve - the tabs at the bottom of app, a few times and eventually it appears. It does seem strange behaviour but it is the same in 16 & 17. Maybe you could temporarily load Teamviewer, or something similar, and let @fabiosun remote control your machine. Just a suggestion but entirely up to both of you.
  10. I updated Resolve from version 16 to the version 17 beta. The scores were the same.
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