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  1. These are the patches I added on top of my beta 6 ones. Haven't tested CB 15 yet, as I am getting plugin errors due to "developer cannot be verified" (even when doing ctrl+open) but found no regressions in CB 20 and Geekbench.
  2. I simply looked at the git commit and the diff. I took the 4 patches he added with comment on Big Sur on top of the "minimum set" of patches Pavo referred to a few days ago found by experimentation. Perhaps, for those with problems, it's wise to try the full set found in the patches.plist file in git.
  3. Just did the update on the bare metal from beta 6 to beta 7 - several reboots later, it finished just as expected, so thank you from me too. For those who don't know how to back out what changed from the git history, attaching my config plist with working patches (1st 4 patches added based on Pavo's git commit). Note: this covers Big Sur only. config.plist.zip
  4. I matched @Pavo's experience - upgraded my VM (not same disk as bare metal) which was still on beta 5, 1st to beta6, then to beta 7 using lates OC builder and CPU host. Worked without a glitch. Did not try bare metal - taking people's word that it will be a problem booting so leaving at beta 6 for now till the patches are sorted out.
  5. Can you upgrade from Proxmox and then boot the upgrade in bare metal with your current bare metal EFI?
  6. @thebwack, yes my MMIO changed with BIOS f4h. If you switched from f4c to f4k, and didn't re-derive MMIO, do it. If you already did and it didn't change don't use mine - I had 9 entries change. When you turn off DummyPowerManagement per iGPU's advice, be careful about stability - in my case, and I believe this is specific to 3990x and/or some BIOS quirk, I had invariable kernel crashes 1-2 min after a successful boot, so DummyPowerManagement *is required* for me. @IGPU, good point on old EFI's. I'll go over my old posts and purge if I see any EFI's.
  7. @thebwack, You can make some improvements. You can significantly cut down on the number of Patch entries in Kernel thanks to findings by @Pavo, with implications on improvements in graphics and CPU performance. Also, unless you use multiple monitors, you do not need Whatevergreen in my experience. I found that my DP sound works fine with alcid=11 even without Whatevergreen ( you do need alcid=11 for DP sound, but not for Realtek USB sound). I do use AppleALC, but have not tried without. Also, in order to have iMessage/iServices enabled you want to designate your ETH as built-in. You can find their PCI paths using Hackintool. I do that in DeviceProperties section. You also need to update the ROM section of your config.plist with the MAC address of en0 for that to work. Attaching my current config.plist (minus redacted serials) and IOReg for reference and comparison (works very well right now, eliminated last issue I had with microstutters via BIOS). It also has working example of Thunderbolt SSDT in Slot 4, although Thunderbolt still has some challenges that go beyond the scope of this thread. You need custom firmware in it. You can read about it in the TB section, where @iGPU, @fabiosun and myself have done lots of research. Note - you need BIOS f4h for that . I can share it if interested as it is not available publicly, but is very stable in my experience and solves Slot 4 bug. Redacting my previous statement on needing f4h - it is only needed if you use all 16 lanes of your PCI slot 3 which I house the AIC 4x4x4x4 in. This cripples Slot 4, but may not be the case with you as you run a Solarflare there. ‼️Warning: do not use MMIO in my latest config.plist - it is specific to BIOS f4h and is not the same as yours‼️ ‼️If you choose to update your TB firmware, you need to edit the ROM section of the TB SSDT as it contains a unique Mac address I generated. You need to do that by dumping your ROM using some tools that were developed by others, don't just copy it, it's supposed to be a reference‼️ Also, if you don't know what an SSDT or kext is for, it may not apply to you - ask before applying, and back up to a bootable USB before you make any changes. The other sections should be safer to experiment with. p.s. I have done USB mapping for most ports under MacPro7,1 (using @iGPU's generous help as reference) but I think they should work on iMacPro1,1. It disables the AX200 in my case to remove conflict with native x1 BT card I have. Attaching the USB mapping and TB SSDT in case you want to dive in those. config.plist.zip MyMacPro71.zip SSDT-XHC.aml.zip SSDT-TBOLT3-NVM23.aml.zip
  8. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/big-navi-picture-radeon-rx6000 Let's hope that 1. it can reset in VFIO and 2. it's available at launch and 3. has a smoother driver experience than Navi.
  9. Speaking of cooling - I was offline for a couple of days as I decided to upgrade mine. Never had overheating issues with the TR4-SP3 dual fan, but thought that 64 cores deserved better. Got the Enermax TR4 II off ebay as I didn't see a point buying new since they are problematic, and refurbished it as best as I could. Drained and refilled with distilled water + vinegar a couple of times to clean all the floating junk inside, gave the cold plate a nice cleaning and polished the surface with some cape cod until it looked better than new, and refilled with EKWB premix. Bleeding the air on this was a bit painful as was figuring how to mount with my existing 140mm fans. 1st AIO ever and back pain inducing experience, but my idle temps fell by 7 degrees. Need to do more testing later. So my mouse micro-stutter experience came back and it's not wireless related as now disabling it doesn't do anything. Seems it is 5700XT and DP 1.2 related as reported by many others. No fix so far as I need DP 1.2 for 4K and my display doesn't support DP1.4. I noticed it only after I upgraded to OC 0.6.1 so not sure why I never had it initially. The microstutter affects sound too. Some people recommend disabling DP sound to fix it, but I like to use my monitor audio so not an option I like.
  10. So instead of using existing installations on your NVME's why don't you start by creating a USB clean .iso and try booting from there - many guides exist for that. If you have patience, I can create a Debug EFI so you can collect MMIO using the guide I shared, and we can take it from there - will be able to check back in 2 hours if others haven't helped by then. It's very hard to know what your problem is unless you follow steps everyone here followed and most of us got here by doing even more complicated VM-based stuff.
  11. Do you use a working installation USB that you have verified? Or is this your 1st attempt at creating one.
  12. So this EFI is unlikely to work. It's a reference EFI that is an older version of mine but it has a bunch of things that will not apply to you. A few problems: 1. You need to remove all stuff in device properties. There is some Radeon 5700XT specific stuff injected there. Just delete all entries there. 2. Stick to SMBIOS iMacPro1,1 as most people have experience with it and can help you (I use MacPro7 ,1 but would still recommend iMacPro1,1) 3. The MMIO numbers there will need to be re-derived as they depend on your BIOS. I use a custom f4h BIOS from Gigabyte to fix a specific issue with my Setup but f4c or f4k (official) should work fine. Please, go back and redo MMIO derivation guide on this forum - 4. Leave only SSDT-DTGP, SSDT-PLUG, SSTD-NVRAM, SSTD-USBX, disable the rest for now 5. Try disabling all kexts aside from Lilu and VirtualSMC. Also you can't use these args: -v -wegbeta agdpmod=pikera npci=0x2000 alcid=1 keepsyms=1 slide=80 They depend on your GPU (e.g. agdpmod=pikera). Remove npci=0x2000. Basically try 1st "-v keepsyms=1" and add the rest based on your card and specific case. Remove slide=80. Once these obvious issues are fixed please report back. p.s. I have 4 Gammix in my AIC NVME. They work.
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