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  1. Thank you so much for explaning it. Ok I wil do a little more research. Thank you again. I will reach out to @iGPU and see what they say.
  2. Not sure when you mean make it work thru bare metal. Mostly eveything working. I have the back UBC C port working thru a UCB C hub. But my front top is not working with a Thunbder bolt adapter. I even tried my startec hub that has thunberbold and proxmox can see the device but can see it when the mac boots. I cant get a card because the MB does not have the connection for TB even thou they said it would come with the MB when released but never did.
  3. OK Ty, well i guess i will have to invest in a 10gb bay and just use the 10gb port to stream music samples. Ty again
  4. Hello, wow this group has grown. Well I dee most have transition over to Big Slur.. Im using 10.15.7. But I need help with getting thunderbolt 2 or 3 to work. I used my USB C port for a USB multiport. Like in the past post here. It works great. But I have one USB C port in the front also. But i need help with getting thunderbolt 2 to work. Do you know of any card that will support it on HachOSX. I have 2 5 bay drives i need to connect to the system. Thank you
  5. Hello, How are you updating your OS's from like 10.5.3 to 10.5.4 or 5? I see there a higher verison. But dont want to mess anything up doing it from the update options.
  6. Thank you for all this. I will get back to you when I complete. TY again for guide.
  7. yes please.. that would help allot!
  8. OK , well i get started. Thank you again for reaching out so quickly.
  9. I can get to the debug screen on the prom usb boot disk. But everything iv read online to start the recovery. It say it cant find the files. Im still looking for commands or guide to help recover these files. I ready dont want to rebuild from scratch. I did make a backup , but that was for the MacosVM. You have a link or guide you know about?
  10. Ok after doing some research on the error it seem my Kernel panic on boot: run-init: /sbin/init files were deleted or damage during an update. Assuming proxmox run on Ubuntu/ Debian Linux maybe i can repair it with a live cd to reinstall. Because i cant find anything for proxmox. I dont want to have to reinstall proxmox again and setup everything up. I wish there was a repair feature to just install files. When i go thru the install. It wants to me create a new install as if it does not see the old one. Before i do this. Is there a way to repair the original setup of PM. I also did the update. I didnt notice in the old bios that you could turn off the WIFi 6 AX200 and the 2.5 and 10 network. I found it in the Advanced\AMD PBS options.
  11. No, im still on P1.60. I wanted to fine tune the system and mack a backup before change the bios. But i will check my setting in bios and do the update to see is that helps. BRB
  12. Hello, OK well in had some more time to work on this. I was booting fine to proxmox few days ago. I come back today. Start my system up and i does not load anything. It like my network card is dead. The light on my hub goes dim when promos loads. I cant even ping the last Ip i had to access it from another computer. Has anyone had this issue before? But the lights come on when i power cycle the computer. But goes off when proxmox starts. After doing a little more troubleshooting i see im getting kernel panic. Here a picture of what i am seeing.
  13. How many CPU are you using in your VM? Didnt know if you stayed with 32 ofd the 64 because of the audio pops.
  14. I will send! Well i can move the mouse and keyboard and login. So im going to take a break with my drink and play some hockey for 30mins. To clear the mind. And start the next hurdle.
  15. Rox67er, I was missing the line below. But nothing changed. Question when proxmox loads. And it choses the version screen. Should i see anything on the screen right after?. As soon as ProxM loads it goes to black screen. Before i started the mac os build it would log to a login root screen. Now i can only get to the GUI login from a different computer. But the only thing that has change when i did this before was my card was in slot 3 not slot 1. But still black screen. Also i change the Bios setting echo efi-framebuffer.0 > /sys/bus/platform/drivers/efi-framebuffer/unbind 3 hours later: OMG......... Speechless ................ So checked everything over and over. read 25 pages of post twice. And guide i rather not say how many times. It load to the proxmox screen like it does 1,000 of time on my TV, but then goes black when it loads. This time Im like what if i choose Proxmox environment 5.4.34-1-pve instead of 5.4.41-1-pve. It goes to black and then i see the proxmox loading file screen and there it was the root login window on my screen. I was in shock. I didnt know what to do. But i rebooted the pc again to see if it was just luck. Nope it worked on older version. So when i used web to start the VM with GPU it loaded... I cant say Thank You enough for everyone help an not giving up on me. But now i have to maybe figure out why the new version of pro does not load my card. But im so happy im pouring me glass of scotch. I know i have allot to do more. But for me this was a big step.
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