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  1. @tomnic Excellent work! Gonna try this on Photoshop beta 23. Could you take a look at this for Camtasia 2019? (Camtasia 2 mid version works in AMD but ever since Oct 2016 version onwards of Camtasia 2 and upto version 2020 it fails. Here's the Camtasia 2019 lib failure.
  2. As well as Monterey Big Sur has been officially updated to the final 11.61! (along with a device Support update) Well we shall see what the Mac Pro is next year... then realise how expensive it will be!
  3. Searching thru the DSDT Differences in Fabiosun's MSI board to Asrock TRX40 board I found a reference (highlighted in BOLD) in Prepare To Sleep and Wake to Asrock TRX40... interesting.... Do we need: \_SB.PCI0.SBRG.SIO1.SIOS ? Hmmm SIOS (SIO to sleep?) Also the LEDS (Arg0) is not in MSI ? We need to take a look at what the LEDS/LEDW sleep / Wake are doing. MSI TRX40 Method (_PTS, 1, NotSerialized) // _PTS: Prepare To Sleep { If (Arg0) { \_SB.TPM.TPTS (Arg0) MPTS (Arg0, SPTS (Arg0), \_SB.PCI0.NP
  4. @Rocket88 @Rox67er & any other Asrock TRX40 Creator users. Please check your OC Bootup screen (either film it when in -v verbose or check your bootleg) for an APCI Boot up error (if you are using the GPWR ACPI ssdt and Patch). If you have one tell me the address for _L08. need to check against mine. We need to find what is stopping Sleep and causing immediate Wake . No Local Variables are initialized for method [_L08] I have a D1B7 device error (like the GPWR ssdt has come unstuck at this address). [\_GPE._L08] (Node ffffff94ec243780) _SB.S0D1.D1B7,
  5. Tell me if you get an ACPI error on OC boot up just before it goes into Home (OSX Screen)
  6. Here is my latest OC 0.75 EFI which rids the Wake reason: D0A1 D0A2 D0A3 D0A4 D0A5 D0A6 D0A7 D0B0 D0B1 D0B2 D0B3 D0B4 D0B5 D0B6 D0B7 D1A0 D1A1 D1A2 D1A3 D1A4 D1A5 D1A6 D1A7 D1B1 D1B2 D error:- However, Im still trying out variables to get Sleep / Wake to work correctly... some intensive dsdt analysis is going on. MMIOWhitelist is for Resize bars bios fw 1.73. This is the most stable EFI yet. DRIFTWOOD ASROCK TRX40 CREATOR EFI.zip Im safely using 8 for boot quirks and -1 for UEFI (disabled)
  7. ASROCK CREATOR USERS: My current EFI. Its set for the latest OC0.75 beta, but everything works well in Monterey and BS. If you are still on BIOS 1.70 disable the ResizeGpuBar entries below. If you do update your BIOS to 1.73 for ResizeBARs then this EFI should just work! Don't forget to input YOUR PlatformID serials and MLB number. 😉 Inside config.plist note: In Boot>Quirks ResizeAppleGpuBars = 8*. In UEFI>Quirks ResizeGpuBars is set to -1 This is the most settled Ive seen the computer, and although Sleep doesn't work, it goes through the motions and you don't get
  8. You see no differences moving around your NVMEs clashing with say Thunderbolt Card (or the firewire you tried once some time ago?). Also, what SATA ports are your drives coming off? SATA Controller 1 , data controller 2 or both mixed? ie you see absolutely no clashing of IRQ resources anywhere?
  9. Asrock TRX40 Creator users - if you update to firmware TRX4CTR1.73 and Enable Above 4G and Resizable BAR please be aware that your MMIO will change in Childs 2 and 3 to:- I will upload my current EFI later for OC 0.75 beta. You can experiment with Resizable BAR but I don't think it makes a great deal of difference for anything outside of FPS related stuff like games and maybe NLEs of which I haven't fully tested yet. Ill also take screen shots of BIOS to see if all Creator users can boot with those settings and have shutdown. Sleep, I have found since updat
  10. @iGPU In terms of M2 and SATAs, plus other PCIe cards inc GPUs, BT/Wifi what is your current I/o PCIe population? Also, are you booting off USB Stick every time, is your boot for Big Sur and / or Monterey on M2 or SATA SSD? Plus, can you video your BIOS settings. Im intrigued as to how you have all those Power Options in Energy Saver too (I may have switched off a few trying out variables for Sleep) so I may need to reset. Its a lot to ask but I need to strike off a few things in my mind. Thanks.
  11. Ive just loaded mine up to see. Seems stable enough with 10 in ResizeGpuBars for both. Asrock users will note when upgrading firmware BIOS to 1.73 beta that Above 4G and Resizable BAR is now found in the Advanced menu.
  12. Nice! Have you done the FPS tests in Davinci with Resizable Base Address Register adjustments and is 1Gb all good?
  13. Big Sur Updated: 11.6.1 easily with latest OC 0.74 (SecureBootMethod=Default) As simply as Monterey Beta 9. Thats all.
  14. Yeah you're not forced to use RestrictEvents permanently. You can just use it to grab the updates/then disable the kext and then iGPU's 'MemoryDevices' method comes back... and do what you have done very elegantly!
  15. DRIFTWOOD’S CURRENT USBTOOLBOX LAYOUT OF ASROCK TRX40 USB PORTS FILE: ASROCK TRX40 CREATOR USB MAP - DRIFTWOOD.zip AMD USB 3.10 extensible Host Controller 1.10 (Microsoft) | USB 3.0 (XHCI) | 4/4 ports (WHERE: BACK MIDDLE - 2 TYPE A PORTS) [#] 1. Port 1 | USB 2.0 | Type 0| Companion to 3. [#] 2. Port 2 | USB 2.0 | Type 0| Companion to 4 [#] 3. Port 3 | USB 3.0 | Type 3 | Companion to 1 - Unknown Device operating at USB 1.1 [#] 4. Port 4 | USB 3.0 | Type 3| Companion to 2 AMD USB 3.10 extensible Host Controller 1.18 (Microsoft) | USB 3.0 (XHCI)
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