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  1. cant seem to install amdfriend. trying to get node in home-brew seems to be bad url: Downloading https://ghcr.io/v2/homebrew/core/node/manifests/15.12.0 curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404
  2. Have you done Waves plugins? trying to demo Clarity FX and doesnt seem to open on AMD / causes crash in Davinci - others plugins work from Waves!
  3. Yeah I had a Sabrent Rocket 8TB m2 go down on me. I have come to the conclusion that their drives are not reliable (probably chipset and heat related). The MP600 I also use have been brilliant and 100% reliable. I wont be buying Sabrent again. Luckily, they changed ny 8tb out for a new one but not after going through weeks of backwards forwards RMA process and a costly return to the states where you have to provide your own shipping delivery and pickup. It seems they have no support in Europe and they will only deliver to a stateside address if you send it back to California. Perhaps the f
  4. For Camtasia 2019 you have to code sign all the files inside Camtasia 2019/Contents/Resources as well as the main app and delis to enable recording, thumbnails, audio etc. .
  5. Finally back up and running as my 3970x failed and was replaced / returned under warranty, thank god. Gloriously still on Monterey 12.2.1. Still the only version with Aquantia working well!
  6. Can you test the Aquantia onboard again? Hi @iGPU Yeah I saw that. However, you should know, the Aquantia works fine in 12.2.1. Its anything newer after that doesnt work
  7. Did you try upgrading your Aquantiia firmware first - what version you using? I was reading somewhere that only the Secure version of the Aquantia 107 (107S) is now compatible with Apple OSX 12.3 onwards so no matter what we try, it may fail.
  8. Aquantia Problems 12.3 onwards Did anyone try this solution on AMD using IOMMU? DisableIOMapper=false + ForceAquantiaEthernet quirck works on Intel Hacks.. We just need an AMD fix equivalent. Because we are AMD we have to turn on IOMMU in BIOS and IVRS indicates I/O MMU (IOMMU) support A user writes below on insanelyMac: The problem that many people have here is that you can't enable VT-d in UEFI and disable DisableIOMapper on every platform, just like that. For this reason there is this kernel-quirk. This was intended
  9. @valmeida Send me aqc driver from beta2 if you could as Ive now replaced mine with 12.2.1. Ive got a someone who is going to take a look at repatching it.
  10. Perhaps if we update the Aquantia fw/Windows drivers (I know Asrock TRX40 Creator have an updated fw/driver on their site for Windows 11 ), then the Monterey beta 12.3 betas driver may tally up with it and work? Ill try this out over the next few days unless someone wants to do it quickly. I think you can roll back the Aquantia fw update driver to Windows 10 if it fails.
  11. Can you try this patch out and see if it works @valmeida on 12.3 beta? Im currently back on 12.2
  12. Aquantia still dead even with latest patches on 12.3 beta 2 Failure! And can freeze Monterey requiring reboot. Reduced to using WIFI now with Lucy kext and Monterey Aquantia patch not working! 🙂
  13. Hey @tomnic and @fabiosun Can we get this thread a little more organised as to where we are at. ie In your guide you mentioned you are doing are you including 2022 Adobe stuff as well as the old. Im doing a reinstall on Monterey and I see fake intel is no longer required, and other info here and there. Could you update the correct method in the first post of the thread for all to see with dated updates to help? Can you list each app and version into respective sections in the first post, together with patch method and coding required. When you've been away, to
  14. The time has come to go to water-cooling after rendering issues in Davinci 🙂 Can anyone recommend thee BEST and for Asrock TRX40 mobo?
  15. If any Asrock Creator TRX40 owner requires a clean DSDT (with all external methods/arguments patched correctly) with no Warnings for Asrock's latest fw (Resizeable BAR support) please find attached. There are still (like many DSDTs, non-problematic syntax errors regarding compile (leave them), but it does correctly incorporate all argument variables from SSDT1, SSDT5 & SSDT6. If you want the previous firmware 1.70 cleaned DSDT, simply grab your ACPI files using DEBUG Opencore, run from command prompt 'aisl' in Terminal and enter at the prompt (replacing 'Your path
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