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  1. yep, I see higher clock and also higher total power. Was around 230W initial, close to 280W with default setting and up to 330W with +200Mhz PBO overclock
  2. Well after trying all PBO / overclock settings in bios without result (steady 3.7ghz on all cores) I installed Ryzen master and after one reboot I now see switching frequencies on all cores. Ranging from 3.4 to 4.2ghz. After this also the bios settings seem to work normal now... anyhow temps stay well under 75 degree and even below 85 with aggressive overclock (330 W)
  3. Just set PBO to enable but still at 3700MHz ? 😲 Will look into this if I have some time.
  4. I booted up Win10 and ran 5 min of OCCT. 100% load but somehow all my cores run @ 3.7Ghz , need to check that. Anyhow temps max out at 72C I run the 360 AIO from Cooler Master: https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/cpu-liquid-coolers/masterliquid-ml360-rgb-tr4/ Noise level is very low.
  5. Great to see that this path is still possible. 😁
  6. thx for trying. macos is picky on topology but I would say if we pretend to be xeon W it should work as that is also in 28 core version..
  7. Did anybody find a way to pass 28 cores / Xeon W as the original MacPro 2019 has? I can only boot 28 core with a very odd topology: -smp 56,sockets=7,cores=8,threads=1 Displays as 7 times 8 Core intel core i5 in about this Mac.
  8. Last week I replaced my external USB Proxmox drive for an extra internal M2 drive. I bought a XLR8 CS3030 1TB and installed a fresh Proxmox 6.2 on it. Went pretty smooth just copying the configs from my "old" setup. Anyhow everything works as expected again but as expected it didn't help with the USB problem. Some new insight in trying to trouble shoot the USB passthrough problem on 48:00.1 / 48:00.3 while doing some tests. Fact: We are unable to pass the USB controllers but if we only pass the BT USB everything works fine. I have noticed below error (USB passthrough) sometimes when booting Proxmox which after starting the VM always leads to a freeze / 99 error. Somehow linux is trying to initialise the LED controller and USB Audio (On 48:00.1 controller) but cannot access them... So I tried the following: Next to BT I added the USB audio AND LED controller to my VM with: usb0: host=05ac:828d # Bluetooth usb1: host=26ce:01a2 # LED controller usb2: host=26ce:0a01 # USB Audio Booting VM is OK but reboot would hang, so this gives me more or less the same behaviour as when passing the complete controller. Next step I removed the LED controller and have been able to restart the VM a few times. I think it may be related to going from linux to MacOs, back to linux and back to MacOs again... Also the LED and Audio are not recognised in lsusb Bus 009 Device 002: ID 26ce:0a01 Bus 007 Device 006: ID 05ac:828d Apple, Inc. Bus 007 Device 003: ID 0a5c:4500 Broadcom Corp. BCM2046B1 USB 2.0 Hub (part of BCM2046 Bluetooth) Bus 007 Device 002: ID 26ce:01a2 Strange thing is that I disabled the LED in USB but apart from switching off the LED, the LED controller remains visible on USB. Would be nice if we could disable it at least to try if that solves the issue. I tried blocking linux from accessing it but so far not successfull. (Even with VFIO added, linux still boots with the xhci_pci kernel driver. (When starting the VM it is released and attached to vfio)
  9. Most of the info is in my overview: https://github.com/iroger/ASRock-TRX40-proxmox/blob/master/Ryzen IOMMU.pdf (2nd page) The port 11 is a USB 3.2 gen 2 which I have connected to front USB-C. It is located on 48:00.3 (It is listed on 47:00.3 in the overview but I added a NVME 1TB drive for Proxmox)
  10. Yep, it can be confusing but on old Mac Pro 5.1 I remember you had to connect a separate USB cable to get bluetooth working so I knew it needed a pci port for wifi AND a USB port for bluetooth. Mine lists as manufacturer Apple Inc.
  11. @Driftwood It should work "out of the box" I have NO Broadcom kext loaded. Only LiLu / WEG / Virtual SMC / AppleALC. blacklist.conf added: blacklist btusb blacklist bcma vfio.conf added: # WiFi PCI broadcom options vfio-pci ids=14e4:43a0 In your VM forward: hostpci: 45:00.0, pcie=1. #This will give you the wifi Bluetooth is connected on USB so make sure you either forward the USB device or completely pass the USB controller to your VM (it is connected on 47:00.1 USB controller) lsusb gives you the BT info: Bus 007 Device 003: ID 0a5c:4500 Broadcom Corp. BCM2046B1 USB 2.0 Hub (part of BCM2046 Bluetooth) If you don't forward the USB controller use the hardware passthrough in Proxmox to select the right device, lsusb somehow gives other data?
  12. Have been trying the suggestion of @Driftwood regarding the XHCI biosd setting, found this link also suggesting to put them on "enable" in stead of "auto". https://forums.unraid.net/topic/87557-guide-asrock-x570-taichi-vm-w-hardware-passthrough/ I do see effect, after adding the setting I now am able to boot MacOs up to the login screen, and if I then shutdown and re-start the VM, all is fine. If I however login to MacOs and THEN shutdown I still run into the 99 error after second reboot. Have been trying other options (CSM / Above 4G / ...) but did not find a combination that worked...
  13. @Driftwood from your VFIO I see you are passing the 05:00.3 and 25:00.3 USB as well? Are you using a patched kernel for this?
  14. Well only the two in the same group (47:00.1 and 47:00.3 in my case, I think you have 46:00.1 and 3 because you disabled internal wifi) I haven't tried XHCI USB settings. Maybe will give that a try. Thanks for the hint iGPU, I use a Corsair HX1200i but I did have an issue with the supply making strange static noises. (as if it was sparking) It did go away though and I checked all voltages and they seem OK. I don't have a spare on hand but will think about this.
  15. @Driftwood well still alive. Been having some short nights sleep over this USB issue. 🥴 I went back to using the USB-C port for my USB connections. I cannot get reliable boot with the internal ports passed through. Went to MacPro 7,1 bios but no improvement, changed the order of hostpci (which does change things in the VM, I had to re-assign the built-in property) but also no improvement. Spent hours tweaking bios settings. No improvement. I still run 1.63 beta bios which seems fine. I think the improvement I had was coming from the bios upgrade where it resets all settings. (Not the same as load defaults in bios) I did a HW bios reset (button on the back) and got a few proper boots with USB passed through then get 99 error again every 2nd reboot. It seems like something gets written in bios which doesn't clear. I can tell if the reboot will work or not by listening to the GPU fans spinning up. If they only have a short whoosh everything is fine, if they already start spinning at the E0 Dr Debug code they spin longer, will boot ok but next reboot gives 99 error. 🤯
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