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  1. Ah, we are basically talking the same thing, then. To be fair I'm at 4GHz which is about 10% off the single core boost. I'd excpect scores within those margins, rather than a 0.1x difference. I'll try some stock and PBO settings as well and post back 🙂 In the end this machine will run 4GHz allcore, as that's the design scenario.
  2. Hi tomnic, thanks for getting back to me. I have a standard 24" 1080p which I'm testing on, without scaling or HiDpi What do you mean by "IPC"? I only know this term as "increased performance (per) core", between CPU generations. What strikes me as odd is that only FFT is off. When I look at what FFT encompasses, it directs to memory usage. My memory (128GB DDR4-3600 C16) is rather tight and tuned so should deliver in that regard.
  3. @fabiosun I applied all patches in order to get it running. I re-applied patches just to make sure since you asked, but no difference. I ran it multiple times, also after restarts. Getting consistent scores: LU FTT ODE Sparse 2-D 3-D 0.1440 1.1058 0.3241 0.4290 0.2912 0.1954 0.1385 1.1485 0.3212 0.4314 0.2897 0.2252 0.1392 1.1248 0.3326 0.4283 0.2882 0.2050 0.1386 1.1351 0.3186 0.4245 0.2806 0.1924 0.1389
  4. @fabiosun Does anyone have got a clue what may be going on with my scores? This is 64x 4.0GHz @ 1.2V, 128GB DDR4-3600C16, tested stable and scores ~62-65K CB23 (macOS vs. Windows). It seems FFT and 2-D aren't scoring great. I didn't see proper power draw either in the AMD app (excpecting ~330W instead of ~150W).
  5. Just a little update on the new build with the 3990X and Cinebench scores. It can barely finish sometimes at 4.40GHz all-core, but it's unstable, let alone sustainable in a closed case (BeQuiet Dark Base Pro 900 Rev.1 non-window). I always really enjoy finetuning systems. I often see people buying the highest-end hardware which have all bells and whistles for maximum performance, to then run them at stock or perhaps a profile like XMP (which often doesn't properly work). Here are my results of a day's testing: CPU: Stock Mem: 3400 (1:1 FCLK) CB23: 52.500 CPU:
  6. I honestly didn't expect to be able to cool a 3990X (no SMT) with just a Wraith MAX RGB cooler, without mounting pressure. It seriously gives 31.500 in GB5, only XMP enabled and FCLK 1:1, no overclock/undervolt. It would indeed be crazy to unlock macOS' thread count to, let's say, at least 128? :') I'll post some updates on the finished system after it's built. Some benchmarks to compare against 3970X workstations. This one will do MATLAB as well. Next week I'll put together the proper cooling (2x 360mm) when the case arrives. PS: Thanks Arrakis for getting
  7. Cheers @fabiosun, always happy to see you 🙂 dummypowermanagement is Enabled I'm using 0.7.0, not the newest 0.7.2, as well. It's been a while, but I don't remember the Proxmox installation with ASRock TRX40 Creator /w 3960X having this problem. I don't have access to this system anymore, though. PS: I'm on the 0.7.0 EFI @Arrakis and I improved (mostly his / this board's work, I'm sure)
  8. Slightly off the mainstream topic (12.x booting), I have some random crashes I'm trying to figure out. The system works well, but sometimes, though seemingly randomly, I get a reboot. I attached a screen. It seems to be CPU related, if I look at the listed kexts. But what could cause the random reboots? No over/underclock settings, CPU is at stock in BIOS. Cheers! PS: Good luck with 12x Monty, all the power to you 🙂
  9. On the Rev. 1.1 I recommend FBd, since gave a KP 3/4 into booting, without a clear sign on what it was. On the Rev. 1.0 the same goes, I tested the BIOS same KP, so I'm at F4i. Attached you'll find my EFI. It works 99%, but assumes you have replaced the WiFi+BT card with a Broadcom (DW1820A in my case) alternative to the Intel WiFi+BT combo. It works with both revisions of the motherboard; there's no serious difference between them as far as I can tell. I have trouble with onboard audio, though. On a boot (cold / warm) the Realtek USB2.0 Audio is de
  10. Thanks to @Arrakis latest EFI, updated to 0.7.0, I can boot 11.4 just fine on the TRX40 Designare rev. 1.1. I have the same problem with the Intel I210 NICs, unsurprisingly. I've had similar lockups (when the NIC should receive an address) on modern Realtek chips. In the end setting manual speed usually fixed it. I set manual speeds for the NICs, but it won't help just like that. I'm looking at using FakePCIID + I225 kext, and then updating the device-id and PrimaryMatch. UPDATE: Disregard crossed text. Take the I225.kext, update the IOPCIPrimaryMatch to 0x
  11. Checking in to see how y'all doing with TRX40 greatness, glad to see it's still thriving! Ooooh those new AMD cards are juicy. Can't beat a 6800XT for it's price point (and availability haha). Wasn't the code for Big Navi 21 and some siblings already spotted in Big Sur earlies end of June? Would be neat to get them up and running quickly..! (I see the last post got purged or something, I got 1 post :D)
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