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  1. its also 100% lose like before sorry for late replay
  2. how fix this without using vpn how i use this ? I have perfect working internet and google Also working very well am sure about this bro if I use vpn after it's work perfectly
  3. I have perfect working internet and google Also working very well am sure about this bro if I use vpn after it's work perfectly
  4. i have en0 only then if i used vpn its working but i need set italy i dont know why this restriction 😓
  5. i have working internet but its showing like that what problem?
  6. Acer NitroAN 515-31) System Specs: CPU: Intel Core i7-8550u 1.8Ghz (Coffelake) GPU: Nvdia GeForce MX150 (Optimus disabled by DSDT patch or use Olarila Maldon Intel UHD 620 RAM: 12Gb DDR4 2133Mhz Ethernet: : Realtek 8411B Wifi: Qualcomm Atheros QCA4xxx (replaced with Mac OS supported BCM94352Z m.2 NGFF type) Audio chipset: Realtek ALC255 (Layout ID=31) Card Reader: Realtek (Not Supported) System Drive:Samsung Evo 970 NVME M.2 250GB (Natively Supported in Mac os) Secondary Drive: SATA Segate 1T Lets Start  Bios Settings: 1. 1St Update Latest Version Bios via Windows. 2. Power on the system. As soon as the first logo screen appears, immediately press F2 to enter the BIOS. 3. Use the right arrow key to select Security. 4. Use the down arrow key to highlight Set Supervisor Password and press Enter. 5. Create a password and press Enter. Retype the password to confirm and press Enter again. 6. Use the right arrow key to select Boot Set UEFI. 7. Press the down arrow key to select Secure Boot and press Enter. 8. With the arrow key, highlight Disabled and press Enter. 9. Go Main then Touchpad Set Advanced For with i2c 10. Press the F10 key and select Yes to save the changes and exit the BIOS. Create Usb Vannila Method Tonymac & Hackitoshzone Dont Use .😬  Post Installation: 1. Press F12 the boot Menu 2. Choose Usb 3. At the Clover Screen, choose your new High Sierra installation. 4. Complete macOS setup 5.Open Usb Then Go Files Folder Clover BootLoader. 6 Download This Efi Replaced Reboot 7 Also I attached Clover and open core Files Work ???? 1. Sleep, Restart and Shutdown 2. Close Lid and Wake LID (Sleep and Wake via LID) 3. Audio Mic and Audio output 4. Touchpad Fully Working 5. FN + Brightness Up + Down 6. Fn + Volume Up + Down 7. Dual Boot with Windows 10 8. All USB ports and Super Speed USB 3.0 Work (5GB / s) 9. Card Reader b]Not work ?? - Etc  How to Do Dual-boot (Bios Only UEFI mode) 1. Make EUFI Windows bootable disk using Rufus 2.7 or later([External Link Removed for Guests]) 2. Boot into laptop with USB stick 3. When at Choose Disk to install page, Press shift+F10 to enter command mode 4. Type diskpart 5. Type list disk 6. Select disk x (x is primary hd or ssd) 7. Type convert gpt 8. Type create partition efi size=200 if its not created 9. Type format fs=fat32 quick 10. Type create partition primary size=xxxxxx (in MB) 11. Type format fs=ntfs quick 12. Type exit 13. Continue to install till end 60% Clover Automatically fetch Windows Boot Folder ifts Not work We Need Add Manually Using Easy UEFI Guide Given Below Step 1: Run EasyUEFI and See which Boot Entries are available,now we gonna add Missing Entry for OSX Bootloader ( Clover Bootloader ). Disk0 is usually the internal Hard Drive / SSD. In the Boot order section, we can see that only Windows Boot Manager is detected. There is no mention of Clover UEFI anywhere. Step 2: To solve this problem, click on the Add button (the second button you see on the right) Step 3: Now Change Type fromWindows BootManager to Linux or Other OS , Type Name in Description Box (Whatever you want Clover Bootloader or Mac OSX Bootloader or Else depends upon you), and Click Browse Button. Step 4: Now Expand EFI => BOOT or CLOVER Folder , Select any of Bootx64.efi or Cloverx64.efi , Both are Clover Bootloader files Choose one or add Entry for Both but one is Enough to Boot Clover then why you waste your time but if you having Issue with and Then Use Another Option. Step 5: Add Newly Created Option In Bios Boot Menu Choose as Boot Device Save then reboot All Done Enjoy Happy Hackintosh EFI.zip
    Am new user but why not able to download this?
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