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  1. Thanks and I can confirm OC PR 0.7.2 working at Monterey beta3 without these 3 patches in my Ryzen 1700X hackintoshs. The reason I still kept many extra patches because I am a conservative person and try to keep compatibilities between FX-6300 and Ryzen 1700X hackintoshs from High Sierra to Monterey. It seems FX-6300 lost support from OC team since Monterey beta1. I can boot it at FX-6300 because I use previous working patches from High Sierra to Big Sur plus newer one at Ryzen 1700X. Without these experience and basic info I can not boot both now. Special thanks for y
  2. No, in order to boot Monterey beta2 & 3 I apply newer 3 patches in both Clover 5138 and OC 0.7.1 config.plist and it worked well up to now.
  3. Thanks and that means if I apply the newer patches my current issue will bother me again by ocvalidate warning or interference. Hope in the near future the developer team of OC or Clover release better solution for FX-6xxx/8xxxx users.
  4. Thanks for your explanation which is the great news for all AMD CPU users. In case of FX-6xxx which can not enable ProvideCurrentCpuInfo Quirk do you have any other solution ?
  5. Do you mean by OC 0.7.1 or 0.7.2 if ProvideCurrentCpuInfo was enabled I don't need patch 0,1, & 2 ? Or just no need patch 1 & 2 ?
  6. I need your help and advice to fix one problem I faced OpenCore 0.7.1 or OC PR 0.7.2: These two versions' ocvalidate always warn me about ReplaceMask of patch 1 & 2 which I need to boot kernel 17.0.0 to 20.x.x unless I changed from FFFFFFFFFF00 to FFFFFFFFFFFF it can not passed. In fact after change it can pass ocvalidate, but always failed to boot High Sierra to Big Sur now. Do you have any solution to fix it ? In Clover I had the same issue too.
  7. For Clover you need set CPU parameters as the attached one: For OpenCore you should set DataHub as mine: config-OC-FX6300.plist.zip config-Clover-FX6300.plist.zip
  8. Yes, your theory and instruction are correct. Enabled ProvideCurrentCpuInfo Quirk can disable many patches related to core logical string, but my About this Mac issue still bother me up to now. Only Clover booting can fix it from Catalina to Monterey beta3 and the same issue occured at High Sierra and Mojave too! [Edit] No such an issue in FX-6300 hackintoshs from Catalina to Monterey beta3 booted by Clover or OpenCore. Unfortunately if ProvideCurrentCpuInfo was enabled my Fx-6300 hackintoshs will got red screen KP on booting Legacy OC.
  9. Thanks for your prompt reply and advice. Set Number from 3841 to 0 did not fix this issue. Disable this unused patch (3) was also in vain to fix it. So I left it over and wait for other solution because it's harmless for this cosmetic issue.
  10. Can you check my config.plist of OpenCore 0.7.1 in which related to ProcessorType is correct or not ? Number-->3841 ? This is the last step in which I need to improve now. Enabled ProvideCurrentCpuInfo can not fix this issue. Before OC PR 0.7.2 is it correctly shown in your hackintoshs ? config.plist.zip
  11. Can you get correct CPU name in About This Mac by OpenCore PR ? Mine OC 0.7.1 always show Ryzen 1700X 8-Core as 8-Core Intel Xeon W instead.
  12. Thanks for your hint which help me to boot Ryzen 1700X smoothly by Clover 5138 now: [Edit] Besides RestrivtEvents.kext add CPU->Type->String->0x0f01 Clover can show correct name of Ryzen 1700X now ! But no such a lucky by OpenCore 0.7.1 even Number -> 3841 (which=0x0f01 hex) was added in PlatformInfo -> Generic ->ProcessorType P
  13. Thanks for your help and advice which make my dream come true in FX-6300 hackintoshs now. It can boot and update up to Monterey beta3 with OpenCore and Clover 5137. The next step will be reduction of my patches to minimal working setup from 10.13.6 to 12.0 beta3.
  14. No. Should I enable CurrentCpuInfo and disable patch 0 for re-testing ? Can I apply these 3 patches ? Which one is correct for 6C/6T ?
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