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  1. For Monterey 12.5 beta I had to modify again. SMBIOS changed to MacPro7,1 got better stability for power management. Need longer time to follow up and confirm this issue was fixed. config.plist.zip
  2. In order to update and reboot/sleep/wakeup properly at 12.4 RC I need modify my config.plist as the following: config.plist.zip
  3. Solved by myself: 1. OpenCore 0.8.0 release & updated to 12.4 beta2 2. SMBIOS changed to iMac 19,2 3. NVRAM/Add/7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 (1)run-efi-updater/String/No (2)wake-failure/Data/0000000000 config.plist.zip
  4. I found that if booted by OpenCore 0.7.8 my Ryzen 1700X hackintosh was unable to sleep or restart at Monterey 12.3 beta. It can be shutdown normally. No such an issue at 10.13.6/10.14.6/10.15.7/11.6.4 either. If booted by Clover 5144 it can restart or shutdown normally at Monterey 12.3 beta5, but unable to wakeup from sleep. I just like to know whether's any fix or solution for this issue ? Or it's the bug of Monterey beta ? My config.plist of OC 0.7.8 is attached here. config.plist.zip
  5. For MacPro7,1 do you need AppleMCEReporterDisabler.kext to boot 12.3beta ? My FX-6300 and Ryzen 1700X hackintoshs did not need it because I use SMBIOS iMac17,1. Unfortunately the new Clover 5144 can not fix reboot loop issue of legacy Clover booting in my FX-6300 and P6TSE hackintoshs yet !
  6. Booted by Clover 5144 with ProvideCurrentCpuInfo Quirk enabled my Ryzen 1700X hackintosh can use brief kernel patches now. Unfortunately three patches changed from 8-cores to 6-cores and booted by Clover 5144 with ProvideCurrentCpuInfo Quirk enabled my FX-6300 hackintosh can not use brief kernel patches at Big Sur & Catalina, etc. which seems only working at Monterey. I don't know the reason why. [Solved] 1. For those can not be booted by brief kernel patches in my FX-6300 hackintosh due to two reasons: (1) The System Version changed to 10.13.6 instead of 10.15.7 o
  7. Are these kernel patches need enabled ProvideCurrentCpuInfo Quirks ?
  8. Yes, definitely. Select one of SMBIOS from PlatformSupport.plist and test whether it's fully compatible to your need.
  9. In Clover different SMBIOS acts differently: compatible one can boot and update successfully and mildly incompatible one can boot only. Totally incompatible one can not boot at all ! We can get the information from /System/Library/CoreServices/PlatformSupport.plist from different MacOS versions. That's my past experience for hackintoshs for more than 10 years.
  10. Yes, it only occurs in my FX-6300 hackintosh if booted by Clover 5141/5142/5143, no such an issue if booted by OpenCore. No such an issue in my Z370 hackintosh either by Clover.
  11. In both Clover and OpenCore I never had this issue except reboot loop issue only in Clover. Actually your added 3 kernel patches I had applied in FX-6300 hackintosh already that means it can not fix my reboot loop issue.
  12. Yes, confirmed that no double speed animations in OpenCore 0.7.6 with or without ProvideCurrentCpuInfo Quirk. This issue only in Clover if BusFrequency is not correctly set.
  13. Yes, I have compared them with different bootloaders & MacOS versions at terminal and that's why I have found in Clover I need edit BusFrequency, but in OpenCore it's consistent without changes. Now I have got stable config.plists with & without ProvideCurrentCpuInfo quirk in OpenCore 0.7.6. I hope I can figure out how to fix it in FX-6300 reboot loop issue as soon as possible because FX-6300 must disable ProvideCurrentCpuInfo quirk.
  14. No, booted by OpenCore 0.7.6 seems fully normal but booted by Clover 5143 I must adjust BusFrequency according to MacOS version. In Monterey it should be 200000 and in other MacOS (10.13.6 ~ Big Sur) it should be 100000 otherwise audio output will be abnormal because it was double speed like. Both bootloaders can disable ProvideCurrentCpuInfo without issue in Ryzen 1700X hackintosh.
  15. OK it can boot by OC 0.7.6 now. Did you just adjust the order of kernel patches or change something else in my previous config.plist ? What should I find the difference from previous config.plist ? I'm trying to learn some new knowledge from you.
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