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  1. FYI for new updates coming with OC v073. The latest commits change the structure of OC's driver section as shown below. The OC documentation discusses the changes as seen in the comments inside the ChangeLog file. The changes also include a new driver (OpenLinuxBoot; only needed if booting from OC into Linux): The changes to the config file are shown next. These changes sub-divide the string driver list into an array with 3 parts each. One part is to allow arguments for each driver, the 2nd part is to enable or disable the dri
  2. Completely agree with your findings: when SecureBootModel set to "Disabled" (the usual setting in my config file), the Mß6 update was not offered. Once this setting was changed to "j160" for my SMBIOS (MacPro7,1), and the computer was re-booted, the Mß6 Update became visible. (SecureBootModel was then re-set to "Disabled" before running the Update so that re-boots during the update would be run under "Disabled" and not "j160".) The curious thing is that previous Updates in Big Sur and Monterey were not visible unless SecureBootModel was set to "Disabled" (and csr-activ
  3. The sub-vendor and sub-device IDs are based on the mobo's manufacturer. Therefore, our MSI values will be different from those of ASUS. But no matter, as these ID values will not affect the Kernel patches since they are directly applied to Apple's Aquantia kext file without reference to any ID values. And even with the patches applied, I've added cosmetic changes (that is, not essential) via SSDT or DevProp changes, and the Kernel patches still work in Big Sur and Monterey. (I've already cautioned @valmeida to use no DevProp during the test phase.) If an SSDT is used, the attachmen
  4. Agree with what fabiosun says. Additionally, I'd add that there were reports by KPG (now retired) on his threads that updating the Aquantia driver from Windows will cancel Aquantia from working in macOS. Therefore, seeing no good outcome in testing this belief, I've never updated any Aquantia drivers and the port works just fine in macOS, Linux and Windows.
  5. I looked at your mobo specs. You have one I211 port. We've discussed this at length on this thread: it does not work on Monterey. So for the time being: ignore this port. However, your other port is an Aquantia and should work. I already gave you the patches for both Big Sur and Monterey. Please re-read what we've previously written for using Aquantia: the patches are different for Big Sur and Monterey and were recently posted on this thread.
  6. I'm unaware of any Pro Hackintoshes. Here is a good overview of the feature set between Threadripper, Threadripper Pro and EPYC. The price point for the Pro 3975X is not too much more than the 3970X most of us are using, at $2790 (there is a typo in the 32-Core table where they say the 3970X costs $3990; the MSRP is $1999). However, the price point for the Pro 3995WX over the 3990X is significantly more: $5490 vs $3990. This price difference doesn't reflect the need for a new mobo since the socket is different for the new Pro models (so there's no swapping of the CPUs f
  7. My reading of the above referenced thread is the same as fabiosun's understanding: they were not patching the kext from OC, but instead are 'patching' (editing) the info.plist and then injecting this kext (info.plist) from OC. There is something different about how Monterey, compared to all previous macOS releases, handles ethernet ports. Once this difference is sorted out, I'm sure all again be functional. (BTW, editing this kext to add 0x15398086 did not work for the I211 port...)
  8. The SSDT-6900XT is only useful if not using WEG. For months, I have used BS and now Monterey using only WEG and no SSDT file (for RX580, Vega56, Radeon VII and now 6900XT). Such SSDT files are not necessary for a boot if using WEG. And even if not using WEG, while the SSDT is helpful in re-naming the GPU devices as seen in IORE, the computer will still boot without it. I done this many time on both Intel and AMD platforms. If one wants to inject certain properties (like control the fan and GPU speed), these can be injected via an SSDT or injected by using DevProp sectio
  9. It simply injects data for GPU and re-names devices. It is only useful if not using WEG. If using WEG, it is un-necessary, which is why I disabled it for @valmeida
  10. Terminal? No, IORE: Maybe you have a corrupted BIOS. I would re-flash latest version and then go over settings with fabiosun. But before flashing the BIOS, try re-setting NVRAM from the OC boot menu (press space bar when menu is up and scroll to left). You have your menu set for 10 sec (I don't use timed log in; but I left your settings), so you need to press a key before it auto boots after 10 sec. (With all respect to fabiosun, I don't think a lack of an SSDT-EC file is the cause of boot failure. In fact, a re-naming of an E
  11. Carefully read what I write. I'm usually concise and reasonably accurate. There are 2 sections I cannot check: MmioWhitelist and your ethernet kext. If ethernet is working then the kext is probably fine. If you can boot into Big Sur, the MmioWhiltelist is probably fine too. ***** First off, the IORE you uploaded is an app, not your IORE file. Run IORE and do a "save as" and upload that file. Second, you extensively changed the config.plist file I spent more than an hour fixing last time. I again spent over an hour today re-re-fixing your config file.
  12. I did not know you had Aquantia (I checked and you did not have them in the config file you uploaded, so I left out). You need to add the following to Patches: As for black screen, enable WEG and add agdpmod=pikera to boot argument in "csr-active-config".
  13. Are you booting from Sabrent drive or Samsung? Best to use Sabrent. Also disable NVMeFix kext for a test. I also did not check your Mmiowhite list, keeping it the same as we have different mobos. Double check it.
  14. The error msgs are probably due to out of date kext files. As for the EFI, there are many errors in your config file when trying to run ocvalidate, which could also contribute to the error msgs. I've fixed all errors and updated to OC v073. I've updated whole EFI, including kexts. I removed several items and inactivated some; changed patches, used different SSDT files, and re-vamped the NVRAM section. Also what exact BT/Wifi are you using? It's not clear what you're using; you had an odd mix of BT files which made no sense to me. I inactivated for now; you s
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