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  1. Yes, me too. It is related to incorrect Kernel/Patches. We must wait until these are sorted out (I don't know how to create them). But, remember to adjust Patches and Kexts to change any MaxKernel 20.99.99 values to 21.99.99 (20 = Big Sur; 21 = Monterey). Otherwise, nothing will load for Monterey!
  2. I've referred to this site before, but go here and use the pop-up in upper left corner to select the various kexts. Download the latest release versions that will now support macOS 12 without having to use various boot-args. These were all updated by PMHeart. Update: PMHeart now suggesting boot-args (-wegbeta -lilubetaall) are still needed and may not be fixed until the 2021-July release of Monterey.
  3. @Arrakis Maybe look at this post here, esp the idea of manually re-setting Ethernet. (In the subsequent post, it's reported that "the vit9696 Kernel patch" that you tried, is broken in 11.4.)
  4. @Arrakis Maybe post your I210 problem on the OpenCore thread here and see if someone else has any ideas. If you're lucky Vit9696 might weigh in. You'll need to carefully itemize each test/adjustment you performed (esp detailed descriptions of the Force and patch injections) to minimize pointless suggestions which cover something you've already tried.
  5. Activating AirDrop Guide I've read on many threads on different forums about problems with activating AirDrop. While there are many reasons why AirDrop may not work, most of the problems are hardware related. As for hardware, there are 2 basic choices: use the installed card or use an add-in-card (AIC) that contains a Mac-compatible WLAN. With respect to the former, there are recent threads regarding the use of the Intel AX200, which is the stock WLAN card on most of our TRX40 mobos. There are also some of us who've exchanged this card for a more Mac-compatible WLAN card.
  6. And one more possibility. Using the DevProp injection with its 'device-id' from above post, try adding the attached FakePCIID.kext file. The other attachment (FakePCIID_Intel_I225-V), may work in combination with FakePCIID.kext. The new Intel 2.5G LAN commonly found on new mobos, I225-V NIC, is part of the same AppleIntelI210Ethernet kext that you're having trouble with and may help if used in conjunction with FakePCIID. So this gives at least 2 combinations: DevProp + FakePCIID and DevProp + FakePCIID + FakePCIID_Intel_I225-V.
  7. Yes, that too. Also change the DevProp LAN injection to the attached data. I've added the "device ID" info, which id 0x1533 (in reverse byte order) for I210. And I have a different patch for you to try. Arrakis-DevProp.plist.zip Arrakis-kernel patches 11.4.plist.zip
  8. Your setting shown above won't work as your MaxKernel is 13.99.99. You must change this to 20.99.99 and the MinKernel to 20.0.3 or 20.0.4
  9. @Arrakis I've found one more thing for you to try. I must have too much time on my hands; I was going through each entry in OC and came across this "Force" example provided by the OC developers. It 'forces' IONetworkingFamily! This is the main kext file in which is located the plugin AppleIntelI2210Ethernet.kext. If you look under your Kernel/Force/0 entry you will probably see it. If not, then open the Sample.plist file inside the Docs folder and copy and paste it into your config.plist file. Do remember to enable and change the MaxKernel, MinKernel to th
  10. I rather doubt that OC is to blame. Your NIC I210 problem seems more like a Big Sur 11.4 beta issue, and will require future releases to fix.
  11. The latest v070 commit adds a folder name Acidanthera to Resources/Image. If this is not present, you'll only see the text based OC bootloader instead of OpenCanopy's graphic display. I've attached the folder to this post (Acidanthera-orginal.zip). WIthin this folder are 3 others: Chardonnay, GoldenGate and Syrah. Chardonnay will the "Old Icon" (10.4 stye) folder, GoldenGate is the Default. Syrah will store the dark/black images, while Chardonnay will store the lighter colored images. The Docs are a little confusing about these definitions. There is no ment
  12. I'm sorry to hear this, but now I'm beginning to wonder about your actual internet connection. The fact that the drivers are reported being loaded on the PCI window makes me think the ports are active. Am I understanding that if you run an older version of OC, your ports are active, but from (what?) v069 onwards there is no activity? If you create a new EFI with the same kexts/dev prop we just worked on and run under v068, it all works? Some more questions. Are there any LEDs on at the RJ45 jacks on the rear panel of your mobo? Do you have other
  13. I posted some results on the GPU testing thread here, using Octane X. They are as good as the revised Davinci tests I've run and posted on the same thread.
  14. I've done some other testing using Octane (downloadable from App Store, here). You may have to sign up (register with OTOY) for a free download. On the Octane (OTOY) forum, there is some discussion of testing with 6900XTs here. You may need to register on their forum to gain access. When I run Octane X, I get 7 sec for the 6900XT (although my GPU is constantly listed as an unknown, "AMD Radeon HD GF10 Family Unknown Prototype"). The fastest run was 6 sec; slowest was 8 sec; avg = 7 sec (4G is disabled; ResizableBar is enabled). Details from abov
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