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  1. Ti ripeto non è un gruppo legato a questo forum grazie a te e benvenuto di nuovo
  2. le top di gamma sono cosi' molto piu' piccola della 3090....
  3. Not possible @valmeida no public kernel patches update available for Monterey
  4. Che versione di Big Sur stai installando? non mi sembrano aggiornatissime le patches del kernel ma potrei sbagliare
  5. Se posti in configurazioni di riferimento..e.' piu' difficile che ti trovi qualcuno per dare una mano ho spostato io in generale/big sur
  6. @all try to use in premiere pro 2021 morph cut effect it hangs premiere
  7. Please in this thread only 2021 results thank you
  8. @valmeidayou have also a weg boot parameters problem from your verbose For patches we have to wait as usual I think kernel locations of the older ones are not public... we miss a man like pikeralpha in these days 🙂
  9. Hola and welcome here post here and in your signature your configuration and try to explain better I think is a problem with that particular plug in
  10. on main thread of this forum you can find my EFI where you can find the updated patch (or on AMD OSX patches GitHub as usual)
  11. @jasin755 solution is in your error message you miss a patch (an update for Big Sur )
  12. thanks for testing if you want, in latest AE try this: use warp stabiliser on a video then use camera tracking and post your results thank you
  13. @Tech91 if you have time and overall patience to read in this forum you will find all solutions you need in the best form available on the net 😛 take the time to search and read your problem (reboot and shutdown are mmio related, and yours are different from other users also with the same motherboard) in some users motherboard (not Asus one but Gigabyte) for restart they have to disable an option in their bios (wake on lan)
  14. @Tech91before try to read above and see if you see your disk modifying securebootmodel about mmio request it is in our useful links pinned in international area
  15. probably not working patches..but i am trying on a spare disk 🙂
  16. a me dalla beta 2 di 11.5 lo sta scaricando 11.78 Gb
  17. Uploaded in OP my Opencore 070 release EFI (working in 11.4 and latest 11.5 beta2
  18. Welcome here! you are in the right place 😂
  19. Why this? then also as @Cosmin Baticayour MMIO are not complete at all not a big problem if your system starts, sleeps and wakes up correctly...
  20. Confermo che in alcuni casi serve anche nvda_drv oltre al solito e più moderno flag😊
  21. do anche per scontato che nel bios sia tutto a norma magari puoi provare a disabilitqre la integrata e a mettere come primaria la scheda video discreta
  22. controlla anche se sulla barra in alto di OSX hai icona Nvidia e nel caso prova a mettere li nvidia driver se e' selezionato OSX driver al riavvio se non ti mantien la voce Nvidia driver selezionata potrebbe essere per la nvram che non va
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