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  1. IMG_1069.MOV.zip kp's video with algrey patch (first one) no useful..
  2. and this is the KP start..sorry for bad picture quality..I see some ACPI...but I can't be more precise
  3. Ok if you see (with the due differences caused to the time zone of each of us)..many of us are working with algrey.. or rather we are testing what he proposes to do,also in DM.. in my case also booting with an his 10.13.6 compiled new kernel (not related to BS problem) for the moment without success We all hope to have it soon and to understand the current problem
  4. Who do not believe in your testing? in my case as I said you and others in discord channel I have used Penryn because my vm config has always worked in this way with Big Sur installation step After installation I can always use my usual vm config but as you know also host cpu in vm does not mean it is the same as bare metal. I hope it does not need of many efforts in kernel patching. Howewer algrey asked to try a new one on discord (AMD ones) : try to bypass the function : FIND : E8 5C 61 01 00 REPLACE : 0F 1F 44 00 00 or this FIND : E8 E3 7B FF FF 48 85 C0 0F 99 05 B9 89 A0 00 48 8D 35 B2 89 A0 00 48 8D 3D 68 C9 74 00 BA 01 00 00 00 31 C9 E8 3F 67 6B 00 REPLACE : 66 66 66 0F 1F 84 00 00 00 00 00 66 66 66 0F 1F 84 00 00 00 00 00 66 66 66 0F 1F 84 00 00 00 00 00 0F 1F 84 00 00 00 00 00
  5. I was trying this Now dinner time however if I use host as cpu same problem as in bare metal with penryn and usual boot args for vm two steps forward stopped for now I will try again tomorrow
  6. Yes as early betas proxmox seems to install if I use penryn as host
  7. With your help I will add on above thread (pinned and locked) all useful links born from our discussion Added for now only MMIO @iGPUdetailed explanation and others generic I think useful Say your opinion and also help me to add there useful stuff for our community Thank you all! 🙂 🙂
  8. Where it all began ( :) ) https://www.macos86.it/topic/2675-proxmox-ve-osx-guide-discussion/#comments Open Core EFI Make https://www.macos86.it/files/file/20-opencore-efi-maker/ VM Assistant https://www.macos86.it/files/file/81-vm-assistant/ PowerTool https://www.macos86.it/files/file/91-powertool/ TRX40 Vanilla method (also known as bare metal) discussion: https://www.macos86.it/topic/3307-trx40-bare-metal-vanilla-patches-yes-it-worksbutproxmox-is-better/?do=findComment&comment=82322 MMIO useful link - thanks @iGPU https://www.macos86.it/topic/3307-trx40-bare-metal-vanilla-patches-yes-it-worksbutproxmox-is-better/?do=findComment&comment=85469 Thunderbolt on TRX40...the ultimate challenge : https://www.macos86.it/topic/3282-gigabyte-titan-ridge-on-proxmoxosx-wip/#comments
  9. @mac-dev la tua scheda grafica non e' supportata in nessun sistema operativo Quindi se ti va bene al massimo avrai una risoluzione video senza accelerazione
  10. che dopo tutta la premessa non ho capito quanto la paghi.. 😛 ma potrebbe essere la scelta giusta in generale e' meglio Da valutare quanto sia stata spremuta e se hai un minimo di garanzia residua
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