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  1. no it is not strange, in many MSI firmware with some ram and in some condition..it happens however, if you have windows installed check with cpu z o similar memory frequency you should see similar value in Asus Board there was a settings which allowed to have right (visual output) for memory frequency..in MSI I did not find its correspondence not a great problem for me..it is like unknown on CPU description
  2. no @Arrakis my combination of ram and OSX and Bios of my motherboard produce that value..but It is only cosmetic..it seems exactly half of my Mhz..but it is correct for the application and all speed is fine
  3. with latest 11.3 beta you have to use an updated one you can find in my creduced set 🙂 with Arrakis we did time ago this discovery..MSI motherboard does not need of topology cpu patch..Gigabyte..and now ASUS yes I do not know why 🙂
  4. reduced patches (BS Only).plist.zip if you want try to use these set of patches 🙂 if it works also for you..check then stability in your usual daily workflow!
  5. Take a look here cpu topology could help also your asus? In my Msi board I can avoid to use it
  6. No @ddkit is not weird search on @Arrakis thread maybe asus needs like his gigabyte of a patch more then this posted reduced sets i can’t remember now which one
  7. @ddk if you are using only Big Sur you can try also to simplify your huge used patches ... you can try this reduced set I am using for BigSur 11.2.1 and latest 11.3 beta 2 reduced patches (BS Only).plist.zip
  8. ciao ho spostato il tuo thread..alla prossima penalizzazione 😛 non e' una guida...me sso in Generale (Catalina) se cerchi sul forum trovi come modificare una EFI da windows in grandi linee ma non e' per principianti.. cmq cmd (da amministratore) diskpart list disk vedi quale e' il tuo disco con OSX sel diskX X=il numero che ha assegnato il tuo disco sel part1 assign letter=b poi apri un software come total commander o ad esempio io uso il "browse" di task manager) e da li fai tutte le operazioni
  9. @ddk sorry but Are you trying with rx 6900 xt only inserted? if so it seems no support for this in latest beta ()no support at all , before in vesa it was working) I saw also @valmeida has a similar problem with latest beta if i am not wrong at all.. i cant test because i have sold my reference 6900xt)
  10. I do not think is a patches problem but I am not sure of this maybe it is an EC device problem.. I have asked to our admin to take a look here when he has a bit of time..
  11. config-ddk.plist.zip this is a config with your MMIO (the ones posted in your EFI I mean)
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