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  1. Will check that one later and report... taking my first break after 9 hours messing around with it today.
  2. log 4 attached Log 4.txt.zip
  3. @Lorys89 shuts down: 09:253 05:061 AAPL: #[EB|MBA:CL] <"-v serial=5 keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 acpi_layer=0x8 msgbuf=1048576 slide=193"> 09:423 00:170 AAPL: #[EB|MBA:NV] <"<null string>"> 09:584 00:161 AAPL: #[EB|MBA:KF] <"<null string>"> 09:654 00:069 AAPL: #[EB|MBA:OUT] <"-v serial=5 keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 acpi_layer=0x8 msgbuf=1048576 slide=193"> 09:711 00:057 AAPL: #[EB|KMR] 597229568 09:755 00:043 AAPL: #[EB.CS.CSKSD|+] 09:806 00:051 AAPL: #[EB.CS.CSKSD|!] Err(0xE) <- RT.GV boot-info-payload 8D63D4FE-BD3C-4AAD-881D-86FD974BC1DF 09:863 00:056 AAPL: #
  4. @Lorys89 log attached log3.txt.zip @fabiosunYes, but without any success
  5. new log with disabled DevirtualiseMMIO, AppleMCEReporterDisabler.kext + providecurrentcpuinfo enabled. log2.txt.zip EFI.zip
  6. it was a left over which I forgot to remove during all the configurations I tried. AppleMCEReporterDisabler.kext is not necessary exactly like providecurrentcpuinfo for a successful boot and install. I can still provide a log with it but it won't change anything in the log/boot process from my experience (Kext/providecurrentcpuinfo)
  7. @fabiosunIf I use it as it is only instant reboot. @Lorys89I can post a config.plist later today. EFI folder and log attached. EFI.zip Log.txt.zip
  8. Hello Guys! @Balamut and I try to install macOS Ventura to the new HEDT Platform. Until now we solved a couple of issue but still stuck to some. Lets start with the Specs: I use a ASUS PRO WS W790 ACE - with a Intel Xeon W3-2423 - Radeon VII - ADATA 960 Legend Balamut use a ASUS W790 Sage with a W9-3475X - AMD 6900 XT - WD SSD All components besides the CPU/Mainboard definitely work without issues under macOS. Our problem is DSDT related... RHUB like I guess at the moment to be exactly. We tried to create an RHUB
  9. [GUIDE] MSI MEG Z490I Unify ComponentsSingularity Computers WraithIntel i7 10700KMSI MEG Z490I Unify2x 32 GB 3200MHz Patriot Viper 4 Blackout RAMMSI RX 5700 XT Evoke OC1 TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMeApple Broadcom BCM94360CS2 Bluetooth/WifiSeasonic Focus SGX-650 Watt PSUCableMod Custom PSU Cable4x Noiseblocker B12-PS FansPrehistoryThis build came about through a cooperation with igorsLAB and was supposed to be something very special.mITX form factor, Z490 chipset, powerful, quiet and water-cooled,which in itself is not an easy thing to do if you assume a mITX build.When
  10. Hahaha... Congratz mate 🙂 You should I think.
  11. Awesome that its possible to use the OC Bootloader solution with Clover. Even if I use now only OC but for everyone else not familiar with it, its much better and never then the whole AptioFixMemory Stuff...
  12. Try this version: its not optimized for the UHD630 but normally WEG should take care of it @iCanaro Z390 M Gaming EFI.zip
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