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  1. @philarticolo31 ./vm_assistant -dbs l'installer lo trovi sul desktop
  2. ciao, metti le patch per port limit sul config trovi la lista su un topic nella sezione FAQ
  3. trovi tutti i link nella home a destra oppure in alto sotto "link utili"
  4. la video va bene ti basta avere whateverGreen.kext sul bios disabilita il csm
  5. estrai le acpi pulite e allegale
  6. non hai configurato minimamente il config anche per il fatto che hai messo, giustamente, SSDT-Basic sostituisci config.plist.zip
  7. allega la cartella clover oppure OC
  8. avvia in verbose e posta la foto
  9. Skylake è serie 6.. Lilucpu=8 Cpu serie 8xxx
  10. lo era, diciamo che non era ufficialmente "Release" 🙂
  11. Release v0.6.0 Fixed sound corruption with AudioDxe Fixed icon choice for Apple FW update in OpenCanopy Fixed APFS driver loading on Fusion Drive Added Comet Lake HDA device code Fixed audio stream position reporting on non-Intel platforms Added Firmware mode to ResetSystem to reboot into preferences Replaced BlacklistAppleUpdate with run-efi-updater NVRAM variable Fixed reset value and detection in FadtEnableReset ACPI quirk Fixed freezes during boot option expansion with PXE boot entries Updated underlying EDK II package to edk2-stable202005 Added ProvideMaxSlide quirk to improve laptop stability, thx @zhen-zen Fixed slide choice on platforms when 0 slide is unavailable, thx @zhen-zen Fixed assertions caused by unaligned file path access in DEBUG builds Renamed ConfigValidity utility to ocvalidate for consistency Added GlobalConnect for APFS loading to workaround older firmware issues Added 11.0 support for AvoidRuntimeDefrag Booter quirk Fixed 11.0 lapic kernel quirk as of DP1 Improved boot selection scripts for macOS without NVRAM Added UGA protocol compatibility in ProvideConsoleGop quirk Added UgaPassThrough option to support UGA protocol over GOP Added AppleFramebufferInfo protocol implementation and override Fixed serial initialisation when file logging is disabled Fixed FSBFrequency reporting on Meron and similar CPUs Fixed incorrect volume icon dimension requirements in OpenCanopy Added preview version of KernelCollection injection code Fixed ACPI reset register detection in DxeIpl Added MacBookPro16,4 model code Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS and the rest Fixed OSXSAVE reporting when emulating CPUID on newer CPUs Added SerialInit option to perform serial initialisation separately Fixed OpenDuetPkg booting on Intel G33 with SATA controller in RAID mode PlatformInfo Automatic for all models Fixed 32-bit OpenDuetPkg booting on machines with over 4 GBs of RAM Fixed delays with OpenDuetPkg booting with certain SATA controllers in IDE mode Fixed display name for some high core count i9 CPUs like 7920X Fixed SSDT-EC-USBX
  12. i fix inseriti possono andar bene, in caso prova a variarli altrimenti puoi provare osxaptiofree2000 oppure legacy invece di uefi
  13. ciao, hai inserito SSDT-Basic?
  14. devi metterci anche il plist e in caso sarebbe da configurare nel male, successivamente se ancora non si sbloccasse da quel punto iniziale, ci rimarrebbe da provare un driver (non molto buono) oppure reinstallare clover in legacy
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