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  • File Reviews

    • By foskvs · Posted
      Molto comodo, soprattutto in fase di installazione.
    • By fabiosun · Posted
      This script is very handly to use. with few clicks you can download from Apple recovery dmg you need to install any Osx release available. Script convert in automatic way dmg in iso as needed for VM setup in Proxmox VE. Also it downloads a recent clover release with all you need to boot your VM. Another great product by macOS86.it
    • By pitrysha · Posted
      A convenient compilation application, I only use it, it updates not only OC but also kext. Thanks to the creators.   Удобное приложение для компиляции, я им только пользуюсь, оно обновляет не только OC, но и kext. Спасибо создателям.   Una comoda Applicazione di compilazione, la uso solo, aggiorna non solo OC ma anche kext. Grazie ai creatori.
    • By iCanaro · Posted
      Nonostante non sia una cima, usato e configurato definendo ad hoc le USB della mia Z170 su cui ho eseguito il test. Quando si comprende la logica, la soluzione finale per la mappatura delle USB da skylake in poi.
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